#IdleNoMore Prayer Rally in Regina

IdleNoMore Prayer Rally

A bitterly cold -16 Celsius temperature didn’t deter over 100 people from turning out to voice their concerns about the Conservatives’ omnibus bill C-45 passed in haste last week. The people also were there to support the First Nations leaders who attempted to confront the MPs in the House, and now must be consulted by the Senate and the Governor General. C-45 removed long-standing federal environmental protection from most of Canada’s lakes and rivers, and the threat to water is not taken lightly by First Nations, organizers of the event explained.

IdleNoMore Prayer Rally
– The crowd was in support of protected fresh water.

Victor Lau, Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan

IdleNoMore Prayer Rally

IdleNoMore Prayer Rally

The national media has started to admit that the Conservatives are engaging in “deliberate misrepresentation” in how they spend our tax money and talk about bills.

IdleNoMore Prayer Rally

A First Nations leader says it’s time for warriors to defend their families, and provide for them. “These bills are taking that away from you!” When water rights are taken away, there can be no more ceremonies, and no more water to quench thirst.

5 responses to “#IdleNoMore Prayer Rally in Regina

  1. This is so inspirational! Praise you for doing God’s work!

    Keep it up…it reminds me of this video

    Here it is: youtu.be/a6akkb_afqs

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