When Is A Private Sale Public?

Conservatives tell us that state ownership of industry is bad… if it’s Canadian state ownership. Their actions tell a different story. “Canada is just barely holding the reins“.


S.E. writes, “You probably don’t need me to tell you that selling a controlling stake in this country’s largest energy resource to a foreign dictatorship is not really a good plan. We don’t even trust our own government with that kind of thing. I honestly thought we had a chance on this one. I guess the Harper regime’s shortsightedness is even greater than I thought possible.”

MoS says, “The Nexen sell-out obviously commits Harper to ramming through the Northern Gateway so those Chinese Tar Sands barons can get their sludge across the Pacific. The gloves are off from here on in.”

Remember that “ethical oil” is owned by the Communist Party of China, who has monks setting themselves on fire to protest it. Fortunately, there don’t seem to be Canadians willing to light themselves on fire to help others realize that we need rid of the Conservatives from government earlier than yesterday.

4 responses to “When Is A Private Sale Public?

  1. When Obama stalled out Keystone XL, it seemed as if Harper was making noises akin to “If Washington won’t behave like a proper imperial overlord to us anymore, we’ll find an empire who will.”

    Was that the wrong interpretation of his reaction in light of this?

  2. Are you kidding??? BC is the only province fighting, Communist China’s takeover of our resources and resource jobs. CSIS even warned of Red China’s takeover of Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. Gordon Campbell sold BC’s resources to China long ago. He also shipped BC mills to Red China, putting hundreds of BC mill people out of work. We yelled and hollered about the corruption of Harper and Campbell? Who listened? No-one, we have been fighting on our own for years. Gordon Campbell way back in his time, had China send their people to school, to learn 100 English words, so they could take our mining jobs. Any BC miner wanting to work BC mines, has to speak Chinese Mandarin, to work in our own damned English speaking province.

    How many times do people have to hear about. Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell betrayed the BC people, by working for Harper, instead of the people of BC? Between the two of them, they thieved our resources, forced the HST onto the BC citizens while in a deep recession. Campbell thieved and sold, everything of value right out of BC. We said watch out. Harper and Campbell signed a sneak deal behind our backs. The deal was, Harper can force the Enbridge pipeline into BC. What planet are you people on for gadssake?

    How many times did we people of BC say!! Watch out for Harper, he is a snake in the grass? How many times did we say. Harper has given huge chunks of the tar sands, to Red China already? That Harper is permitting China to bring over, their own cheap labor? That all company’s are permitted to hire that cheap labor. That Chinese resource workers, earn up to $17.00 per hour less than Canadians. We said. When Harper gives the rest of the tar sands to China? Who gets the jobs? Canadians or cheap Chinese labor? However, Canadians slept right through years of BC yelling their heads off about, Campbell and Harper’s corruption. Did you also miss? Harper rewarded Liberal Premier Campbell the cushy post of, High Commissioner to England, for doing his dirty work for him? No doubt everyone else did.

    The only way the resource rich provinces, can save themselves from a Chinese takeover is, to get the hell out of Harper’s Canada. BC has already been sold out to Red China. However, Canadians won’t take any action. Everyone will sleep right through that too, and get taken over. Leave Harper, Ottawa and Alberta as their own country. They are only who, really counts in this country anyway. Has it also escaped your notice? Alberta is the only western province there is, in this country? The rest of us, can all go to hell. Resources, resource jobs, our taxes and all, go to Harper and China.

    BC is wide awake!!! The rest of you, wake the hell up.

  3. I seriously can’t believe how ill informed and ignorant of fact many people are.

    There have been only 2 rejections of foreign takeovers since the Foreign Investment Review Agency (FIRA) was instigated by the Trudeau government in the 1970’s. Over 1500 approvals and over 10,000 required notifications have been accepted. The 2 rejections were BOTH by Conservative governments… Canadarm and Potash. Yet the people around here talk like this an unprecedented occurance!

    It should also be noted that some 90% of Nexen’s revenue derives from FOREIGN holdings. Imagine, Nexen, a Canadian company bought FOREIGN investments. Now, private election promoting individuals expect the Canadian government to exempt Canada from the very same rules that allowed Nexen to become so large. Do you honestly think that there would be no equal economic retaliation to Canadian foreign investment?

    Par for the course it seems.

    In addition Canadian oil will now be selling for about $110/barrel instead of about $88/barrel. Why? GLAD you asked.

    Canadian oil is West Texas Intermediate and requires less refining as compared to Brent (European) or the Saudi ‘basket’… it’s light sweet. As such it’s worth more. Over the last 5 years the price of WTI has dropped below the ‘basket’ because we are a captive market to America. No competition isn’t a good thing so much. With more customers we can fund rediculous arts clowncils through increased tax revenues from increased incomes. Modern dance loves the moolah, the source… not so much. Not enough to reject it on principle tho’!!!!

    State control? Three letters… N-E-P.

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