Australian Political Hypocrisy Mirrors Ours

Australian politics is like Canada looking into a mirror.
Here’s the current Prime Minister describing the deception of an earlier government she opposed.

“For far too long public debate in Australia has failed to nourish or inspire us. For far too long it has been limited to the day-to-day monitoring of the health of our economy rather than the morals and goals of our society. The end result of this political cycle is a weary people who no longer believe what politicians say and who think the politicians saying it do not even believe it themselves.”

Now she’s done what they have. Is she now saying what she doesn’t believe, and harming the peoples’ trust in their government? Either the system corrupts, or liars get into politics only to have the office straighten them out and fix their priorities.

At least she can still laugh about it all.


2 responses to “Australian Political Hypocrisy Mirrors Ours

  1. Absolutely no one with any sense of decency listens to anything that comes out of the mouth of the Australian PM.

    This is a woman who gleefully stabbed her boss in the back to take over the top job, who’s so lacking in intelligence as to believe Aussies have forgotten that little ‘incident’, and who’s so looked down upon, that she’s desperate enough to ‘fiddle’ ‘independent’ poll results so as to make herself appear to be a popular choice for PM.

    I find it hard to imagine any Canadian politician stooping so low.

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