ConCalls: Kinsella in 2011 guessed #RoboCon

I don’t normally link to Sun, or Kinsella, but it’s worth taking a look this time, I promise.

While researching the cut brake lines that Elections Canada never found a culprit for, I stumbled across Kinsella’s 2011 correct prediction that there was widespread and elaborate voter suppression in the May 2011 vote.

7 responses to “ConCalls: Kinsella in 2011 guessed #RoboCon

  1. No matter now. Canada does not belong to Canadians anymore. We are now the foreigners, in our own country. We don’t own our resources nor, the resource jobs. We are the D.P’s, in our own country.

    In BC, you have to be able to speak Mandarin, to get a job in BC mines. Ida Chong is bringing her own countrymen, to take our mining jobs. Our BC mills were shipped to China, along with our raw logs. B.C.’s industry’s, assets and resources are, thieved sold and are now gone.

    I told my son and his University Grad friends. Go to country’s that really need technology. There is no future in Canada for them. They aren’t getting the resource jobs in Canada. Canada has the highest cost of living, in all of the America’s. Chinese resource workers, work for, $17.00 per hour less than Canadians. It’s very difficult, to pay off huge student loans, on a minimum wage.

  2. In closing further investigation into the 2008 robocall/3rd party donor election fraud in Saanich Gulf Islands, EC wrote in 2009 that they had “found no one who had actually been influenced in their vote”.
    At that time none of us knew that was the only standard for prosecution that mattered to EC and I doubt the rest of Canada paid much attention to what happened in some little riding on the west coast.

    In March 2009,Will Horter from BC Conservation Voters wrote :
    “The signal being sent to political parties, particular the Conservative Party of Canada – which has a track record of playing up to, if not over, the lines – is that they can have someone associated, but deniable, hire a U.S. call centre to flood a riding with spoofed or faked robocalls and Elections Canada will do little to get to the bottom of it.
    If someone with subpoena powers doesn’t step up with some investigative muscle I predict many more Karl Rove-like black-op operations in future elections.”

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