ConCalls: Rex and Terry and CBC

My guess is that Rex Murphy and Terry Milewski don’t agree very often, but they were both right about the [il]legitimacy of the Conservative Harper Government, nine months ago.

Rex only slips in thinking Elections Canada had a “steely gaze”. Oops. Lots of oopses.

Can we now see why Stephen Harper and Dean Del Mastro were so eager to direct the opposition parties to send evidence to Elections Canada to conduct a 585+ day investigation? In the next video, RMG is brought up, specifically their Thunder Bay call centre. While Harper claimed only Conservative voters were contacted, CBC clearly presents non-Conservatives were contacted with misleading poll locations.

Early on in the media’s investigation, we learned that there was “hard evidence” “linking the Conservatives to bogus robocalls”. Also, there were calls from Conservative HQ to Racknine Inc. at the end of the election campaign.

And it’s very interesting to hear Matt Meier say a “party” abused his service, when he knew the Conservatives were the only political party to be exclusively using his robodialer. Perhaps he meant “party” in the more general sense of the word? The anonymous Conservatives who early on admitted off the record that it was an “independent contractor with ties to the Conservative Party” behind the Guelph con calls, were they trying to finger Sona, Prescott, or another?

Hat tip to James


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