ConCalls: Last December in Kitchener #RoboCon

Since you can’t remember last December’s news from Kitchener-Conestoga (who can?), here’s a refresher. It’s not refreshing, it’s more like hair pulling agony to watch our country’s democracy die so slowly, but here it is anyway so you can share my pain.

By Ashley Csanady, Record staff Tue Dec 20 2011
MP Albrecht pledges investigation after ‘crank’ election calls traced to Tory office
‘Not the kind of actions I would support,’ Kitchener-Conestoga MP Albrecht says

The complaint filed by Joe Nowak, president of the Kitchener-Conestoga federal Liberal association, was obtained by The Record and includes the phone number Siopiolosz traced.

When called, the number goes to a voice mail for the “Conservative Party.” The message asks callers to leave their name, number and a detailed message and says the party will get back to them within three business days.

Fred DeLorey, director of communications and deputy director of political operations for the Conservative Party of Canada, confirmed in an email “that the number was ours.”

Kitchener-Conestoga Conservative MP Harold Albrecht, reached on Monday, was so surprised by the situation that he called the number himself. He said he found the ownership of the number troubling and the message unprofessional.

“I will be asking some questions, absolutely,” said Albrecht, adding he will investigate. “It’s not the kind of actions I would support.”

Research suggests the number, which has a 519 area code but is a long-distance call, originates in Lambton County. […]

CBC a couple weeks ago wrote this:

Emails between officials at the agency show the first complaints came on April 29 from Kitchener-Conestoga, Ont., and Saint-Boniface, Man.
Within half an hour of hearing about the complaints, a lawyer for Elections Canada sent an email to a lawyer at Cassels Brock in Toronto who represented the Conservative Party. The name is blacked out in the documents released by the election agency, but party lawyer Arthur Hamilton works at Cassels Brock.

The reply from the party’s lawyer to Elections Canada more than a day later said that polling locations had changed in “a number of electoral districts.”

“As a consequence, a number of our candidates have had to confirm the proper location of polling stations to a number of supporters during their respective get out the vote efforts… There is no indication by the caller that the location may have changed, or words to that effect. And no voter is being directed to a polling location one and a half hours away from the correct polling location,” the unidentified lawyer wrote on May 1 at 12:05 a.m.

Elections Canada instructs political parties not to phone voters about polling location changes. If a location changes more than a week before election day, the agency sends new voter identification cards that indicate the change. If the location changes less than a week before election day, the agency advertises the change in local media and sends workers to the old location to redirect voters.

What have Conservatives thought of being linked to election fraud? It’s a joke, apparently.

Some blogs you must follow to stay with the latest details in the #RoboCon bombshell scandal set to rock the Conservative Party and our country.


2 responses to “ConCalls: Last December in Kitchener #RoboCon

  1. Three months later Albrecht was wasting Mayrand’s time before the PROC committee in March with his weird explanation of the calls – sometimes they phone someone and get their endorsement he said but then maybe the person changes their allegience to another party and so they then perceive any Con follow-up calls after that as harrassment.

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