Democracy Reruns

When you’ve blogged for as long as I have, I have the luxury of being able to reference my own writing for most subjects I’m interested in. So right now you get what on TV would be described as a “clip show”. It’ll be good, and some of it is old enough, you may not even remember seeing it before. Think of it as the greatest hits of 2011/12ish.

What was some news I predicted on March 16, 2012? That Elections Canada was aware of complaints implicating Conservatives across the country in an election fraud scheme, but EC pretended that the only significant place to investigate was Guelph.

So if it was the Conservatives, why didn’t they spoof their CID to minimize risk of detection? They were simply not concerned about the level of prosecution if they were even investigated by EC. However, Pierre Poutine may have had more to lose (or just different IT skills), so made an effort to conceal their identity if an investigation started. To me, that suggests there was a national coordination strategy from higher up the food chain than Poutine (Head Cheese maybe?), and we’re seeing different implementations of one objective: suppress non-CPC voters, by any non-violent IT means available.

Can we answer my question in this blog post yet? Did Canadians “lose” the last election, or was it stolen? Does the difference matter?

There’s something interesting about the Canadian Economic Action Plan propaganda. Satirists were making fun of it a long time ago. A long, long time ago, it was Adscam.

(mock conversation Harper is having with himself from 2005:)
Stephen Harper 2011: And it’s not just the spending—we’ve also used public funds on advertising to promote the spending. We’ve taken some flak for it, but it’s like I said to Canadians: spending millions on propaganda isn’t that much if you consider it in terms of me not caring what you think.

Our blind trust that Elections Canada and the RCMP are looking out for us, is naive.


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