Honesty In Politics: Punished, With Good Reason?

If politicians don’t start being a little more brutally honest about some well established facts, and how they endanger life, then expect them to support laws that endanger us all. For instance, if our POS Environment Minister Peter Kent hadn’t made a habit of lying about the danger of climate change, then I wouldn’t be spilling all over his sudden, insincere reversal in stated thought.

“You don’t have to convince me that climate change is a very real and present danger and we need to address it. […] We would ignore it at our peril.” — Peter “POS” Kent. So, thanks for imperiling us until this point, jerk.

The Conservatives’ climate killing carbon nonsense is being mocked in the House too. Yet people in positions of some power to do something about our deadly pollution problems get little support from media who’ve thrown their lot in with ignorance long ago and peddle it to consumers as an acceptable political position.

Truthiness is a big, deadly problem:
“We just believe that the plastic bag has never been a problem for the environment.” [link added to make my point] That quote is from a literal Bag Man. ““We’re very happy,’ plastics industry spokesperson Joe Hruska told reporters.” Toronto City lawyers, afraid of being sued by the plastics industry, backed down and council buckled too. Instead of doing what was right, they did what seemed easy, to the detriment of our land, oceans, and our lives.

BONUS IMPERILMENT: For more brain cell killing stupidity from Canadian Conservative politicians, check this out: (fcpp.org/publication.php/4135 Senator Greene-Rain embarrasses herself)
“The “CO2 is carbon” mistake is a common misconception, and it unjustifiably encourages people to view this benign gas as dirty, which indeed it is not.”


2 responses to “Honesty In Politics: Punished, With Good Reason?

  1. Funny how no one thinks of honest and honour as having the same root. Especially interesting how honest and the Right Honourable are diametrically opposed.

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