ConCalls: Waiting til December #RoboCon

Since Canadians are massively under-informed about the status of the legitimacy of their federal government, it seems unlikely to me that millions of them would take to the streets prior to December 10th to demand an earlier hearing in the federal court. So until then, we’ll wait for some justice to get a hearing.

I’m really, really disappointed that it’s possible for a political party to so obviously benefit from election fraud carried out in 234 ridings in our country, and Elections Canada doesn’t press a single criminal or summary charge in over 580 days since the crime. That just leaves the corrupt party to govern us until they are later punished for their act that led to an illegitimate reign — it’s insane! The system so obviously favours and rewards corruption, through comically delayed justice, it’s embarrassing for our once proudly democratic country. It’s also embarrassing that most people don’t even talk about it, as it just fades into the background of life here.

What are other people waiting for? Do they need a proclamation from the Harper Government stating, “We’re fascist, authoritarian, and we benefitted from election fraud after being removed from power for Contempt of Parliament”? They may as well bloody do that, because I think people would change the channel in sufficient numbers to catch the end of Big Brother or the X-Factor, and think to themselves, “I hope someone does something about that, because it sounds bad.”

In a small way, it’s a relief that insufficient people are paying attention to what’s going on, because if the Harperites ever figured I and a small group of bloggers and journalists were effectively turning people on to the bleak reality of our situation, and people started to protest in growing numbers, I wouldn’t feel quite as confident in being so bold in my writing. I get why most journalists are too timid about presenting this crime, and the infrequency with which they write about it. It’s not just their job that is at stake if people don’t respond sufficiently to back them and the truth up with deeds of support.


5 responses to “ConCalls: Waiting til December #RoboCon

  1. I have it on good authority.. that most Canadians really don’t care or know.. or care to know .. who our prime minister is.. who his ministers or backroom bum boys are, or who his majority is.. or how it came about. Further to this, how Canada is represented as an energy superpower carbon spewing asshat to the rest of the world or Israel via the United Nations, NATO etc is an unfathomable mystery. We trust mainstream media to tell us when.. and why.. and whatever.. rather than our elected robo government ..

    I do care.. I have an urge to understand or know.. the unvarnished truth
    yet its still an almost unfathomable mystery.. the whole deal
    I have the feeling.. that you understand …
    I like .. a lot.. that you’re from Saskatchewan
    that middle epicenter of all things Canadian
    where the wind blows.. can’t be be caught

    As a fully functional Ontario feral farm boy growed up independent artist and generalist and wanna be published writer.. I see-feel-care about Canada from a personal, and very privileged perspective .. ie as a Canadian for 60 plus years.. not as a political animal. In Canada we grow idealists .. not cynics …
    This is a big huge and staggering land.. not for apologists or whiners
    We’ve never rewarded liars.. or carpet baggers .. till now ..

    I’m a single stalk of wheat in the vast prairie of Canada. A single salmon trying to get upstream. A muslim immigrant landing in Montreal.. or Vancouver. A cyclist in a metropolis. I’m the dude from Haiti that picked you up in his taxi in Montreal. I am a fast freight slipping through Woodstock at 3 AM.. I fished the Grand Banks, skied Louise in flat light, served you a burger in Ottawa, plowed your highway in New Brunswick at midnight. I am the great white bear you fear.. a river that still runs clean. I am the boreal forest that you are cutting down.

    Let me shift this a wee bit.. its not who I am ..
    its who we are … believe we are ..

    To be a just society .. that remarkable Canadian attribute
    (let me repeat that .. A Just Society ….. ….)
    is not part of this current government’s cosmetics or spin or bluster .. agenda
    To think in any way our current government defines or speaks for Canada ..
    is a very sick joke

    Those who want to be part of an ethic-less pig pack wearing lipstick .. fine
    Get your Harper Uber Alles hat on .. and keep your lipstick handy

    You call yourself a proud Canadian … ? You must be dreaming Mr Harper …
    Van Loan, Baird, Clement, Oliver, Kenney, Ashfield, Del Mastro
    These are your shining Canadian exemplars ….?? .. leaders …. ??
    You’re joking … right .. ?

    You do not speak for or represent the Canada I believe in .. or would die for..
    Mr Harper …

    • You mean you can’t think of a better Canadian, or better MP to represent our nation at the UN, than John Baird? Surely, you must be joking? He’d do anything Harper asks of him, and you cannot find a better man in this country than that!

  2. Thanks for the post John. Sadly I agree with you.
    In a nutshell, the majority of Canadians don’t really care about robofraud or much else for that matter. They much prefer to remain in a state of ignorance. Now take away their home theatre, booze, and their iPad, well …

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