ConCalls: Up In Smoke #RoboCon

Today I’ve had a bit of a back and forth discussion with a National Post editor and columnist who figures it’s not strange to base a prediction on the Conservatives’ electoral chances in 2015 on an economic forecast given recently by Jim Flaherty. I indignantly pointed out that the Conservative Party of Canada should be de-registered by that point, after being convicted of Electoral Act crimes including misleading robocalls (and the already attained conviction for In & Out). If cheaters aren’t disqualified from running, the race isn’t fair. Unfair elections are the hallmark of authoritarian states.

“Balancing the budget isn’t the only way the Tories can win the public’s approval there. The only thing they need, really, is to be perceived to be better fiscal managers than the opposition.”

Or they could apologize for throwing the 2011 election? Election fraud is the end of the line for Canada as we knew it. Either we have fair elections, or we become an authoritarian state where citizens have no way to impact who is governing them, short of revolution. No one wants that, so we should stop it from coming to pass.

That’s why I’m bewildered that the news media, and columnists at the National Post (the paper that successfully promoted some of the impact of the Robocon scandal in February) aren’t grabbing this scandal and running with it. If the Conservatives (or any party) can pull that much illegal shit in a general election and face only years of fruitless investigations or a paltry fine, then our country is screwed. A party willing to cheat to win, must be de-registered as a legitimate political party in our peaceful democratic country.

In fairness to Mr. Gurney who took the time to answer questions head-on today, he did acknowledge that scandals may become the Conservatives’ downfall.

“[By] the time the next election rolls around, Harper will have been in power for nine years. That’s a long time for any politician. Dirty laundry accumulates. Scandals build up. Old annoyances fester. Governments have a shelf life, and the Tories know this. That’s why 2015 was such a perfect date to eliminate the deficit. Who would care about Clement’s gazebo or Vic Toews’ “child pornographers” next to a balanced budget?”

Who would care? Um, people concerned with having accountable politicians who don’t misdirect millions of dollars and spy on their every electronic communication. Maybe those people don’t read the National Post, and that’s why he doesn’t seem to give a fig about my opinion. He certainly doesn’t take on his task in the 4th estate the way I would like to see.

If your house is on fire, you wouldn’t lament the fact that your kitchen may not be ready in time for Thanksgiving because the renovations are not expected to meet the deadline due to a denied bank loan. You’d be hitting upon a consequence coincidentally, but you’d be missing the bigger, vital picture. The National Post is missing the big picture. Lots of trees; wrong forest.

And if the less costly and less serious Adscam knocked the Liberals from power in ~4 years, why shouldn’t the theft of fair elections, and Parliamentary Contempt defeat the Conservatives next time? After all, what’s the good of a balanced budget if you have no real say in how the economy is directed, because you have no fair way to impact who is elected?


13 responses to “ConCalls: Up In Smoke #RoboCon

  1. It’s inertia. People think that politicians have always cheated but that Canada has remained basically democratic. People think things will tend to be as they have always been.

    People don’t realize that a line has been crossed. The Supreme Court ruling on Etobicoke-Centre isn’t “the decision of the highest court in the land and therefore, however much we disagree with it, we have to accept it.” What that ruling is is the majority of the Supreme Court saying “Look at us! We’re shamelessly corrupt hacks! And what are you going to do about it?”

    People are also at a loss about what to do about it that is both peaceful and effective.

  2. I agree completely Sask… “A party willing to cheat to win, must be de-registered as a legitimate political party in our peaceful democratic country.” I eagerly await your crusade to de-list the Quebec Democratique Partie. My voice carries with yours when we, together, decry the illegal, corrporate union monies that have so tainted the last 3 THREE elections. These nameless, faceless, entities work in the electorate bowels to hijack and corrupt, with their blood money, political parties for their nefarious gain.

    Using prohibited by law corporate union money to cheat to win is a threat to our democracy. This felonious union money’s election theft is beyond anything in Canada’s history. Until the QDP are de-registered over this blatant disregard for Canadian democracy using banned, criminal and ilicit outlawed money we cannot consider this party worthy of anything but jail time.

    Scientific study has shown that QDP seat tallies have increased with each brown-bag-o-bills.

    We as proud Canadians can no longer stand by as the sepratiste QDP under that Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Ceauşescu, Attila impersonator Tommy Muldoesn’tcair.

    I stand with you Sask, in decrying this unionized assault on democracy, it’s thuggery and it’s frivolous nuisance lawsuits designed to stifle opponents and demand the QDP be revoked and the entire party put in jail.

    Here here!!!!!!!!!!

    PS… I eagerly await your onslaught of posts over this issue!!!!!

    • You’ve been warned before about use of your ridiculous QDP acronym, and if I see it again, your comment will just be deleted.
      They are not a party, and I don’t appreciate your effort to use my blog comments area as a way to promote your pet words.

      To speak to your badly made point, I’m in favour of harshly punishing the NDP, or any party that grossly breaks campaign finance law, and deregistering any that attempt to cover it up or lose a long drawn out court battle as the CPC have done with In and Out. Presumably you’re in favour of that too. Good to know.

      • My, my… get spanked on a little point of fact and don’t we get testy!! ;) Seriously tho’, one of my main points is burden of proof vs ‘honest belief’. Honest belief is a value of interpretation, burden of proof is not. Herein I’ll show you, and at the same time reveal your hypocrisy!…!…!

        -“You’ve been warned before about use of your ridiculous QDP acronym, and if I see it again, your comment will just be deleted.
        -“I don’t appreciate your effort to use my blog comments area as a way to promote your pet words.”

        Can I expect the same admonishment meted out to everyone fairly or just those you favour? The reason I ask, and know the answer in advance, is because in the post below, I have clearly read the following “how the constupid party of canada found out “. I have checked over 17 dictionarys and I have yet to find the word “constupid”. Does it, or not, fit your above criteria? Most importantly, will justice be blind? Will the same burden be enforced?

        You have asked me to be fair and unbiased. You have expected me to look beyond party lines… are you man enough to live up to your expectations and judge fairly and evenly?

        Only your integrity is at stake.

      • Last chance. You know I’ll ban you again. What’s more important to you? The freedom to leave some of your stupid comments here, or the freedom to stand up to me and get slapped down?

        No one should use that stupid acronym of yours, but only you’ll get banned for it here. Why? Because I don’t like you; you’re an asshole who I barely tolerate commenting here after you blazed in here threatening me. Consider it the straw[man] that’s breaking the camel of patience’s back.

      • Sask, I would like some clarity here…

        When you say “I’m in favour of…deregistering any (party) that lose(s) a long drawn out court battle as the CPC have done” does that mean that some peolpe are not entitled to the best defence?

        You aren’t seriously advocating the old soviet system of justice where if you were accused you were guilty, are you? Are you promoting ‘show trial’ justice? Mind you, it worked for years for Uncle Joe. Walter Duranty bought it.

      • Just noticed that the stupid fuck told you your integrity is at stake! What a laff riot! What a joke of a human being! His mother must have been an acid-head and his father an alcoholic.

      • And thus we see a Canada under the leadership of Saskboy and his ilk. A Canada of love and prosperity, as long as you don’t raise any inconvenient facts. A Canada who cares for one another, as long as you agree with the authority. A Canada where you can speak your mind, as long as you’re like minded. A Canada where everyone is equal and afforded the same rights and protections, as long as deemed worthy. Where justice is replaced with show trials, where freedom is replaced with state directives.

        A leopard dosn’t change it’s spots. Given the opportunity, a leopard will be a leopard. In a majority government, or a blog, those in charge get to decide how things are run. They act according to their beliefs.

        Think about it.

      • You pathetic, whining piece of shit. You have the nerve to talk about principles and fairness when you spend all your time defending election fraud committed by war criminals. It’s ridiculous that a monstrous cretin like you feels the slightest bit entitled to lecture others. You lie all the damn time. When I ask you a tough question you slink away like a coward only to show up in another post with your bullshit “Har! Har! Har!” routine when you’re able to twist somebody else’s statements into garbage. Look up the word “hack.” That’s what you are. The dictionary definition.

    • You stupid, stupid, cowardly lying hack. You clammed up pretty fast when I asked you how the constupid party of canada found out about these “illegal union donations.” I’m surprised you have the shamelessness to bring that canard up again.

      If you’re the best the harpercons can get to troll for them, it’s no wonder they have to blatantly steal elections.

  3. The opposition did know, the robo-calls were questioned before the Federal election. They did know Harper cheated to win. Harper also campaigned over a Calgary radio station, right on election day. That too is election fraud.

    Do you really think the opposition didn’t know, Harper was selling us out to Communist China? Who was the only politician that questioned Harper’s Treason? Sure in the hell wasn’t the opposition. They are useless, gutless wonders. Elizabeth May that said of, Harper giving Red China the right to sue, any Canadian that opposed them. If BC tries to stop the Enbridge pipeline, China can sue.

    However, everything of value in BC has been thieved, sold and is now gone. Harper’s favorite henchman Gordon Campbell had already given Red China our resources. Campbell said China had to send their people to school, to learn 100 English words, to take the mining jobs in BC.What they could sue BC for, is a total mystery? Ida Chong is bringing 2,000 of her countrymen, to take BC mining jobs. Perhaps China will sue them. Christy Clark got caught in a lie. She said, the Chinese were here as temporary workers. Ida Wong just proved Christy Clark a liar.

    Justin Trudeau reneged on his word, regarding the tar sands. Mulcair also reneged on his word, on the tar sands. They are now backing Harper up.

    There are very few politicians in Canada, worth the powder to blow them to hell.

    This country is a, disgraceful, putrid, cesspool of corruption.

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