ConCalls: Overspend, It’s the Conservative Way #RoboCon

There was an extremely good editorial in The Telegram on Saturday. It highlights a damning list of ethical breaches by the Conservatives, and the growing list of crimes too.

If In And Out wasn’t bad enough, multiple Conservative campaigns have been caught with campaign contribution irregularities since then. Two notable ones, with paper trails you can view on the Internet, indicate overspending and corporate donations (both big crimes). When promised explanations never arrived or confessed to the mistake/crime, people never rose up. So we continue with the farce that Elections Canada will actually punish cheaters, and criminal politicians will be booted from office so that voters don’t have to bother to do any research before voting again.

Penashue and Del Mastro should be in jail, in my opinion.
And the professional media has been as hard on the Conservative ordained sacrificial goat as they are on MPs with unexplained campaign over-spending. Just finish off an underling under the blame-bus, and their blood will absolve your electoral sins my sheep/children.

Here’s a list published by The Telegram:

In a CBC News story by reporter Laura Payton on Nov. 1, Penashue’s spokesman said the campaign simply would not accept corporate donations.

And yet accept them it did.

Penashue has one ace up his sleeve, though. He’s a cabinet minister in a government where you can do just about whatever you please and not face any consequences.

Peter MacKay using search and rescue equipment for personal travel? No problem.

Bev Oda wasting taxpayers’ dollars on limos and luxury suites? Forget about it.

Jason Kenney’s office padding out a citizenship ceremony with staff posing as new Canadians? Anything goes.

Dean del Maestro being investigated for alleged election overspending? What the heck.

Del Maestro, incidentally, is parliamentary secretary to both the prime minister and the intergovernmental affairs minister — Peter Penashue.

The sad truth is, if the PM turfed out every Conservative MP who acted unethically, he’d no longer have a majority government.


17 responses to “ConCalls: Overspend, It’s the Conservative Way #RoboCon

  1. Bev Oda got a limo??????? This is the greatest threat to democracy our nation has ever faced. Only a royal commission can correct such a heinous action perpretated by such spawn of satan. The people MUST rise up. It surely must be noticed by EVERYONE that limo spelled backward is ‘omil’. What more proof is needed?

    Once the criminals are turfed from office, they can be replaced by the Loyal Opposition, the QDP… ooooppppssss… can’t do that, they’re already tainted for accepting dirty and illegal corporate union money. Ok, that rules out the Dipps. Wait, the Lieberals were covicted of bobo-calls weren’t they? There haven’t been any other bobo-calls charges have there? Besides, the Liebs are STILL paying off their 2006 leadership bills… contrary to payback time limits. (NOTE to Liebs out there- a loan never payed back is looked upon as a donation!!!).

    Hmmmmmmm… looks like those without sin should be the ones to throw the first rock.

    • So in essence you’re saying it’s okay because others did it. Typical unthinking, uncritical CPC troll. Wrong is wrong no matter the party.

      • Cujo. You completely miss the point when you say “(RedJefff is) saying it’s okay because others did it.” Not at all. What I’m saying is if you want to remove the ruling party due to ‘corruption’, who are uncorrupted to replace them? Illegal corprate union bagmen? Bobo-call convicts who buy and sell judgeships, and corrupt construction?

        It may be unthinking but think, what, in your arbitrary opinion, is the hierarchy of corruption? Remember, you’ve already said “Wrong is wrong no matter the party.”.

      • RedJefff and his ilk cannot understand that there are more serious crimes than even financial corruption. When money is stolen, that’s a crime. When money is funnelled into organized crime, that’s a crime where people may die. What RedJefff willingly overlooks is when a democratic system is undermined by fraud, countries are torn apart in civil war in some cases, and in others are converted to authoritarian governments where millions die in the struggle to get their freedom back.

        Preventing Canada from falling into those fates is our central task as citizens. We cannot let the Redjefffs of our country set Canada’s course. Even a POS like Peter Kent knows “We would ignore [reality] at our peril.” Redjefff’s world-view imperils us all.

      • Are you now threatening violence? For the left wing that would be par for the course!! It is worthy of note that when talking of “authoritarian governments” nothing, but nothing, beats the totalitarianism of socialism.

        As opposed to your fantasy angst over how difficult your life has become under Canadian political oppression, in reality hundreds of millions were forced to survive in the dehumanizing system you so lovingly cherish. Tens of millions died under the gulags 5 year plans. The Ukrainian Holodomor was directly a result of socialist state planning, state science and state execution. Millions died. The Great Leap’s Forward? How many died? The Cultural Revolution? How many died? Cambodia? How many died? The, self proclaimed. workers paradise of North Korea?

        The numbers are beyond comprehension. But it is, after all, the system you love.

        You should also note that the overwhelming majority of these deaths came AFTER socialist totalitarian regimes were in control of their respective countries. The system fed off their own.

        Your projection of who kills those millions is staggeringly inept. Your knowledge of who pulls the triggers vacuous.

      • Nice little commie rant, redintheface.

        Its a little dated, nobody has talked that kind of socialism for half a century at least and nobody is promoting it other then you. But that’s to be expected, since you’re still pushing the economic model that brought us the industrial revolution, with child labour and air so think from coal smoke that you couldn’t see across London.

        No, your little speech is maybe more McCarthy, more of that witch trial kind of a rant. Burn those pinkos at the stake kind of talk.

        Good luck with that, even the worst of your bosses show more subtlety.

        And what was your personal role in the robocall fraud?
        Did you put together the database? Hire the live callers in Northern Ontario? Fire out press releases full of denial and accusations against others? Or did you just work on the 400 page delaying tactic on the Council of Canadians case?

        Are you proud of your work?

  2. Aside from the various ghosts of scandals past haunting our friends in the Liberal party, I wonder how much damage the ongoing corruption scandal in Quebec is going to splash on the red party? Every article I read lists names and more names connected to the Liberal party. It’s deja vu all over again except there are no golf balls. Those darn brown envelopes are making another appearance, too. Still, I’m sure orange juice and a limo, and spending too much of your own money is a bigger scandal to some than blackmail, fraud, kickbacks, hit men, and mafioso. In fact, wasn’t there a link made between the mafia and a certain ex-ambassador to Denmark? Deja vu! Yes, but the orange juice!! Think of the orange juice!!

    • At first I thought you were kidding Rat. Scandals never do damage in Quebec… it’s when the news hits the fan in the Rest Of Canada that there’s Hell to pay!!!! As for Quebec, it’s just another political silly-season. It is a known fact that if you line each Quebec scandal up end to end it would circle the Earth TWICE!!!

      As for the clearly mysogynistic and racist Telegram article, it’s obvious that the left’s War on Immigrant Women has extremist viewpoints unbecoming of Canadian values. That the left openly targets minorities, and promotes the exploitation of women through taxpayer funded pimping of women in the porn industry ( ) should show the mendacious character of the would-be-Trotskyites.

      And this brings me to the ‘orange juice incident’. Bev Oda was alone in her hotel room, far from friends and family, representing Canada and Canadians on the world stage. Suddenly, without warning, Bev began to lapse into a hyperosmolar nonketotic state brought on by her Type 2 diabetes. With the last ounces of strength and as she lapsed in and out of conciousness, Bev managed to knock the phone from the reciever and in a barely audible whisper ordered the orange juice that would SAVE HER LIFE on that fatefull day. The UNIONIZED bellhop refused to intervene and save an elderly, immigrant womans life unless he was payed for the OJ and included compulsary tip. In no state to argue and not having the exorbitant and obscene amount of cash, Bev was FORCED to sign in exchange for her life. That’s the truth.

      Perhaps if my misogynistic, racist, anti-handicapped, anti-immigrant leftist ‘friends’ weren’t so judgemental I’d explain how the office of Jason Kenney, with the help of Sun Media, conducted a ‘citizenship’ sting that resulted in the apprehension of 7 narco-terrorists seeking sanctuary on Canadian soil.

    • It’s not about the $16 orange juice, Rate, it’s about the contempt for democracy, for Canadian people, and the lies. It’s about election fraud, and election cheating.

      You’re defending the Conservatives because you think their corruption take less of your money than Liberal corruption did, but you’re trading your freedom, our democracy. That’s unacceptable.

      • Funny how busy redintheface gets out after another article on the electoral fraud his bosses committed comes out.

        Must really bug him to be working for criminals.

      • If the price of freedom is Joe Fontana then I guess I’m just a willing slave. You prattle about democracy like your virgin party never did anything in an election and you forgive theft, graft, corruption, kickbacks, mafia violence, state intimidation, god the list goes on and on! So yeah, if the price is a robocon scandal vs self-enriching Liberals I’d rather the robocons. And if it is a revolution you’re sporting for then bring it on but remember us rednecks have all the guns.

      • I don’t forgive those crimes! What are you, joking?
        I’m not calling for a revolution, but I am pointing out that bad things happen when democracy is lost, and that is not a threat, it’s history.

  3. Oh, redintheface is going to busy again for a few days.
    Its also on the Post media sites.
    Elections Canada calling the headquarters of the federal conservatives complaining about robocalls and the con’s saying they’d stop them 3 days before the election.
    Did they?

    Cue the intern.
    Redintheface is going to have to keep busy trying to troll a bunch of sites to try to deflect the increasing evidence that Harper is in power only because of fraud.

  4. Classic bully-debate tactic: “I’ll decide for you what you meant when you said what you said. You don’t ever get to forbid me to use the Memory Hole to retcon what you said, what you meant, not now. Not ever. Now shut up and let me retroactively decree what you said so I can get you into trouble with the law as you deserve!”

    *rolls eyes*

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