ConCalls: More Smoking Guns

RoboGate RoboCon Regina Rally

Postmedia keeps churning out evidence that Elections Canada has gathered against the Conservative Party of Canada and their misdirection phonecalls made to voters during the last election. What the newspaper hasn’t been able to answer yet, is why Elections Canada has held off for at least 570 days since they got credible reports of the widespread crimes, before charging the Conservative Party?

Is Elections Canada corrupt? Is it incompetent? Does it know that the court system is corrupt, so there would be little point in recommending charges? Where is the point of failure in our justice system? Is the point of failure the Canadian people, because our rallies to protest these unprosecuted crimes wrapped up months ago while our courts ponderously process the peaceful challenges to the colossal injustice? What’s next?

Ralph Goodale with Saskboy at RoboGate RoboCon Regina Rally

A month ago I wrote:
EC Where are the charges? #RoboCon, Penashue, Del Mastro, Poutine. Where’s Etobicoke Centre ruling? No hurry, it’s only our #democracy…

Seems my skepticism was justified. Why have faith in a corrupt, broken system of justice?

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