Children Love Saskatchewan

Come to Saskatchewan, and see our Wall.

(- This wall is in Ottawa.)

That’s the apparent pitch, awkwardly spoken by Regina’s former mayor, Pat Fiacco. Now Fiacco is the head of Tourism Saskatchewan, and in charge of making people want to visit our province. Fortunately there are more lasting tourism draws than Canada’s currently most popular Premier. Saving us from 16 years of NDP rule isn’t exactly heroic, but that’s how many people choose to see his white-bread leadership. If the former Mayor figures this will make his job easier, so be it. I think it has more to do with why he’s got his job, and why he thought to mention it.

With all the available talent in the hospitality industry across this nation who might have been interested in such a senior provincial post, one might also question exactly what the government-appointed Tourism Saskatchewan board saw in Fiacco that put him ahead of the 40 other applicants who might have had more experience.

Typical Canadian child, “Mommm, I want to go to Saskatchewan and see their Brad Wall. He’s so dynamic!”

“When you have a dynamic premier like we have, that is probably one of the best-identified images for Saskatchewan,” Fiacco said.

Seriously? Brad Wall’s image is a tourism selling point? Has one tourist ever come to Saskatchewan to see the wonders of Brad Wall?

In fact, this is precisely why the NDP government made Sask. Tourism arm’s length in 1994. Wall and the Sask. Party went nuts in 2003 when Tourism Saskatchewan’s multi-million dollar promotional budget was being used for ads that were just a little too similar to NDP political ads.

But really, what the hell does Brad Wall’s image have do with anything? Is his new moustache going to be a heritage site?


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