Good Ol’ American Sex Scandal

The American media is very primitive, which is why it avoids complex and important issues, and instead resorts to tabloid topics like sex scandals. While their country is embroiled in an unprovoked war in Iraq, occupies Afghanistan (along with Canada), and itches to bomb Iran for oil, they’re worried more about where the wiener Petraeus has been.

It pretty much doesn’t matter, and it’s par for the course, yet it’s popular to talk about because it involves powerful people being shamed. It’s not exactly Wikileaks’ level of interesting, yet it will lead to many old stories being looked at in a slightly new, sexy light.

So far it only offers scant hope to Republicans that they can somehow embarrass Obama or impeach him over an unrelated event in Benghazi, Libya, and a shirtless FBI male agent whose photo was published today with shot-up dummies. No photo bombing, or anything remotely interesting. Expect this scandal to blow over in a month if no new tie-ins are made.

It’s not directly related, but Greenwald had an interesting email exchange with a US Army Colonel years ago.

One response to “Good Ol’ American Sex Scandal

  1. The American left-wing media, like it’s Canadian cousins, are long passed the point of being relevant. Any story, irrespective of it’s source, is immediately challenged BECAUSE of it’s source! Media, especially print, is no longer seen as an unbiased source of information but rather as a promoter of biased opinion reflecting that news groups corporate position. Don’t believe me? Check printed news ad revenue… it’s at 1950’s levels compared to record highs 6 years ago.

    So what do we get? Infotainment.

    And ye reap what ye sow. You become an infotainment society.

    Need proof? Obama meets civil rights groups about the fiscal cliff. “President Barack Obama is meeting with 13 heads of civil rights organizations and other advocacy groups to seek input on negotiations with Congress to avert automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts on Jan. 1.”

    $16,000,000,000,000 train wreck and he’s seeking guidance from civil rights groups? At this very moment the ENTIRE US government discretionary spending is paid for with borrowed money. It has been for the last 4 YEARS. This means that defense, wars, education, road-bridge-tunnel or what have you, has been financed. What does the American electorate care about? Big Bird, binders and same sex issues. Seriously, how many Americans get their news exclusively from John Stewart? How many realize they’re ALREADY Greece?

    Then again, as promised, they can always eat the rich… (math starts at 2:20) dubya dubya dubya dot

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