Minister of Monitoring

Jason Kenney is one of my least favourite Canadian Ministers of all time, and that’s saying something considering some of the duds that are out there now. Apparently he wants to be routinely reminded of how unloved he is, so he spent $750,000 of our money on keeping him abreast of his unpopularity.

Kenney has long revealed himself to be a baldfaced liar, willing to look into an interviewer’s eyes and lie on camera. The media cuts him too much slack, and only occasionally even acknowledges the problem. So while they’ll uncritically pat him on the back for improving immigration, he’s deporting two students who worked at Walmart illegally for less than a couple weeks.

The man is a disgrace to Canadian values.


10 responses to “Minister of Monitoring

  1. I often wonder what the result would be, if you used digital motion picture magic to blend or morph video of Jason Kenney, Jim Flaherty and Joe Oliver together into one hybrid rabid person.. and perhaps you used audio magic to have the ludicrous fantasy spoutings – lies of Peter Mackay, Tony Clement and Julian Fantino come out of that morphed mouth ..

    Sprinkle in a bit of fairy dust, a bit of John Baird in a cowboy hat.. a dash of Preston Manning on a very good hair day.. a pinch of sleepy Rob Anders
    .. and you have ?

    Uh .. a pathological stone cold Alpha liar of the same skill level as Mitt Romney..
    Unfortunately, though.. he’s a creepy westerner family man named Harper …
    Actually, theoretically, allegedly.. elected to be a trustworthy steward
    of a country, its environment.. a shining exemplary advocate for its citizens ..

    Kenney is an over achieving beta pig scuffling and showboating for his very own great big theocratic distorted self centered success story. Wanking for his own Immaculate & Virginal Rapture bonus plan-ascension. A very useful ministerial tool for the Alpha Pig and Lord of the Lies .. I use the word ‘tool’ in a sarcastic meaning..

    Lest it appear a survey of Mr Kenney is unfair in singling him out..
    All the above named are as imminently qualified as beta pigs
    grunting harshly in Commons.. snuffling in public .. gawd knows what their private lives consist of.. Are they as shifty, dishonest, opaque and obstructive?
    If so, I feel badly for their families….

  2. Any province stupid enough to stay in Harper’s Canada, is only getting what they have asked for. If anyone thinks this country is still Canada? Convince me.

    Where is our Democracy? Our Civil rights and Liberties? Our Freedom of Speech under attack, AGAIN. Our Human Rights are vanishing. Harper is a Traitor. Selling this country out to Communist China, is High Treason. Canadians are furious regarding, the manner Harper treats our Veterans, both young and old. Our Veterans come first with Canadians. That evil s.o.b. Harper treats them like dirt.

    Any province that doesn’t want to be sold out to Red China? Then get the hell out. We all sit here like brain dead idiots while, Harper gives our Canadian jobs and our Canada away, to a Communist country.

    There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know, Harper cheated to win the election. That’s exactly when, provinces should have taken steps to get out of Harper’s Canada. What good has bitching done so far?

  3. This tripe is precisely why I stopped reading the Star.

    The story clearly states that “Most government departments do issue-related media monitoring…”. Wow, so much for dark and nefariously sinister plots. Not only that, but this ‘monitoring’ is a mandate of the bureaucratic segment of governance… the civil service. Proof? “Kenney’s spokeswoman Ana Curic said in an email that “none of these decisions relating to media monitoring by the department are made (or were made) by the minister’s office,” and referred all comment to the civil service.”

    In addition “Nancy Caron, a spokeswoman for Citizenship and Immigration, said the ministerial perceptions exercise was “one trial of many” and that the department was not asked to track the issue.” Whaaaaaaa???????? No ministirial input????? Ms Caron also felt fit to mention that “Media monitoring is something that’s done all year round and it’s part of the (government of Canada) communications policy” and “media monitoring is an automated system linked to keywords.” meaning it’s automated. How dark is that eh?

    This certainly must be a dagger to the heart of the claim “he spent $750,000 of our money on keeping him abreast of his unpopularity”.

    Finally, perhaps the single stupidest part of the story… the sinister laurier365 account… “the taxpayer-funded reports began being copied by email to an anonymous, private account,, in addition to departmental officials.” Yet this ANONYMOUS, PRIVATE account is nothing more than an external backup email used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s media monitoring team when the CIC email system is down or security filters inadvertently stop delivery of incoming documents. How do I know this? Because the stupid story SAYS SO!!!!!! Har har har, so much for ‘anonymity’!!!!!

    Just too much. Enough for some gullible folk tho’.

  4. No surprise that the [cowardly] hack relies on Kenney’s spokeswoman to give us the unadulterated truth.

    You must have no idea at all about how idiotic you are. You just sit in your full diaper grinning like an idiot, without a care in the world.

  5. I’m just trying to see the problem of having the government informed of the opinion of the immigrant community. Previous disparaging posts have accused this very same government of NOT listening. What gives?

    This post as ‘evidence’ rehashes old posts, an Ottawa Citizen article with not a mention of Kenny, Immigration or Canada, for that matter, and a positive CBC (of ALL news!!!) piece.

    The most egregious misrepresentation in this post is the cruelhearted deportation of 2 little Walmart waifs. The reality is that these 2 students were at a Canadian educational facility, taking the place of Canadian students, in exchange for paying substantialy higher tuition and fees to the school. They were not wayward 1st years but in fact returning students. They knew and understood the rules. They were allowed to work ON campus legally, which at one point they did. Taking, once again a Canadian kid’s job. Still, fair enough, those are the rules. They then took jobs at Walmart, for the Christmas season I believe, whereas one quit one continued to work. The second student was detained while at her cash register.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a lot of engineers, doctors, lawyers, tradesmen or the such usually working at Walmart. Not to be rude but it’s usually folk of the working class. Either way, it’s 2 Canadians not standing there employed. So now let’s get this straight…

    -the two are taking Canadian student positions
    -the two work for the Canadian school at 2 Canadians expense
    -the two replace Canadian workers at Walmart
    -the two can’t follow simple laws

    And Kenney is the bad guy?????? Surely you jest.

    If, as a non-citizen, you can’t abide by the Nation’s simple, fair and expressed laws while affording yourself the benefits of it’s institutions and inhabitants, then leave and go home.

    • I didn’t comment about the foreign students. I’m more interested in your reading comprehension skills. Either that or whether you honestly think that the bureaucracy should be doing exhaustive studies on the political fortunes of the party in power.

      Then again, you don’t “honestly think” anything. You’re a shameless stupid hack.

  6. So here’s another thing I don’t understand. Why would a Quebec Democratique Partie cheerleader be so against the government getting opinion and feedback from the immigrant community, when the QDP themselves are so in support of the long-form census? Isn’t the long-form even more intrusive?

    Does it not make sense for the government to find out the mood and the issues of our country’s newcomers? Shouldn’t the government learn of the reactions to policies directed toward immigrants from the immigrant communities themselves?

    Now that the QDP is seen as really only representative of Quebec, immigrants may be shying away because of a not so pure laine background. That must be worrying.

    On top of that, when King Justine 1st is annointed Lieberal pope, the soft libs will instantly return. More bad news. Justine is liked by the Quebec youth isn’t he? Still more bad news.

    Looks like this may be the QDP high water mark. I don’t see the rest of Canada wanting to tie itself to the remnants of the Bloc.

  7. I sense an echo of The Harper Government during Question Period in this thread .. It started as Kenney and 3/4 of a million dollars of self indulgence.. or worse, anal insecurity – media tracking.. and ended up in Quebec with shots at Pope Justine (a woman ?) re throngs of Lieberals n soft libs.. High waters indeedy … Are these new seafoods ? Or new kinds of poutine .. or spellchek typos.. I’ve made a few in my time.. so no complaints if so

    Redjeff .. All of us at some point resort to common sense.. and see the pig under the lipstick. You’ve always impressed me with your surprising-challenging alternative views and facts that I have to really consider and review-research. Please don’t fail me re basic common sense. Are you truly an admirer of Mr Kenney, to the the extent of blindness ?

    For a little more than double what Kenney spent, we could still have a functioning and valuable Experimental Lakes research station .. or we could have hired 10 Alexandra Mortons to supervise the revival of the wild west coast salmon fisheries instead of supporting their extermination via Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Keith Ashfield. (A speedy recovery to Mr Ashfield.. from serious heart complications.. He’s a maritimer, a Canadian.. I do wish him well.)

    Redjeff .. Instead of My Kenney’s narcissistic expenditures we could have promoted protection for an umbrella species.. the boreal caribou instead of the nonsense and defiance of The Supreme Court emanating from the zombie carcass of Pete Kent .. he of the ‘poison the wolves so there’s more caribou’

    That same money could have supported disabled veterans.. you know.. the ones who lost their legs or arms.. and don’t quite fit Mr Harper’s wondrous helmets for hardhats warm n cuddly program.. designed for those that qualify via service in The Wonderful War of 1812 ..

    Take your pick.. be a dick
    if you must..
    and defend a theocratic creep..
    versus exemplars.. environment or veterans
    its a free country ..
    I’ll defend your right to do so..

    Respect is another matter …
    we both know that has to be earned

    • Hi Diamond! Thank you, finally a conversation… thank you. To answer all of your questions… I’ve kinda’ edited to try and keep my response clear. I hope I haven’t misconstrued and please correct me if I have. Thanx… Jeff PS. capitals are for emphesis, not shouting.

      No “echo”, original thought. “self indulgence.. or worse, anal insecurity – media tracking” absolutely. A government, no different from ANY other, spending on re-election. “soft libs” or any other soft-(fill in the blank) meaning transient electorate not bound by ideology. Typo’s? I’m a man of numbers, spelling and grammer are truely challenging… not Justin(e) however. That’s mockery. (Note: my apostrophy’s could use some work ;) !!)!

      Do I admire Kenney? No. I am an immigrant. I can’t comprehend how Canadian authority and Canadian people are so quick to throw their own traditions, values, culture… in effect, escence in an ash heap to please newcomers. ******FURTHER****** I have NEVER HEARD any immigrant comprehend this!!!!!!

      Irrespective of race, colour, religion, sex, anything that you could possibly think of,,, NO IMMIGRANT when speaking with a FELLOW immigrant can understand this Canadian mentality. This is how we immigrants take advantage of the Canadian system… thru’ your guilt.

      That said, as an immigrant, I would admire ANY minister of Immigration that tightened up Canada’s immigration rules. Those that wait patiently in line, honestly, filling in forms, waiting their turn, doing of what we ask… they deserve better. They are the ones we want. Ones with skills, ones that will help us develop into the future as a nation. Ones that will contribute, not take, from what has already been achieved. Thank you for your help assimilating but you DON’T owe us… on the contrary WE owe you. Some of us are just here for our own advantage, don’t expect us to assimilate… we’re here for your benefits, not to be like you. Sadly. It’s being like you that has lead to these benefits.

      In addition we could use more refugees. People determined enough to risk their lives and those of their families are a pretty good bet to succeed when given a fair shot.

      As for what the money could be better spent on? Nothing. At $800 odd billion in debt I don’t think spending more is the answer. Period.

      Then again, my main interest is sustainability. Without economic sustainability everything else is a pipedream.

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