US #election2012

It bothers me how little regard professional media pays to math when “projecting” results. They have computers that can tell us if the race is clinched or not, just as they do for sports playoff spots. It’s a disgrace that it’s easier to know if a sports team has a mathematical chance of attaining a playoff spot, than to know from election results reported on election night actually predict a sure victory in a state or country.

Some notes from the night so far:
Bernie Sanders, Vermont Independent has won, which is great.
Warren may have won also.
Another independent senator has won, and may caucus with the Democrats.
It doesn’t appear Johnson or Stein reached 5% of the popular vote, which I’m not surprised about, just disappointed.
I’m sad that Obama is doing so badly so far in results too.
A CNN ad for “Clean Coal” just pissed me off. They are claiming it’s already benefiting the environment. Well, it’s not in production, and they are flat out lying, and ought to be sued for false advertising. FCC, are you listening?

I’m watching coverage and CNN at the same time, along with Twitter of course.
More to come probably close to being live blogging.

Didn’t live blog, computer wasn’t co-operating, and I was keeping up on Twitter instead.


2 responses to “US #election2012

  1. Obama is about to speak… finally. It’s probably 12:25 in Chicago right now, if not 1:30am.
    Some things to look up in the later morning:
    Pot laws across the country
    Same Sex marriage laws
    death penalty and GMO labeling in Calif.

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