ConCalls: Review is New Again #RoboCon

A RoboCon blog entry I made on Aug 9, 2012 has been brought up as news again by CBC, confirming my analysis from months ago.
RoboCaller by Wingnutterer

What I think is most interesting is that [Langhorne] admits RMG told voters where to vote in their script, despite explicit direction from Elections Canada not to do so. Also important to recognize is that the script means ridings were called where no changes were made at all, so there would have been no legitimate or sensible reason to include that portion in calls made to 6 of the 7 challenged ridings.

In order to avoid confusion during the campaign, Elections Canada asked all the parties not to give voters the addresses of polling stations. The agency has advised the council that polling stations were moved in only one of the seven ridings in the lawsuit.

So Langhorne’s claim looks totally bogus and self serving to me.

Here’s what CBC finally published. See if it sounds like you just read it a second ago:

In an affidavit sworn Aug. 8, 2012, Andrew Langhorne, the company’s chief operating officer, provided a script used by its callers that asked voters to confirm they knew where to vote on election day and said, “Elections Canada has changed some voting locations at the last moment.”

But only one of the ridings actually had changes to its polling stations, says a lawyer representing the voters who mounted the challenge.

“Further, the [Conservative Party of Canada] directed RMG to raise the question of polling locations even though Elections Canada had specifically asked political parties to refrain from contacting electors to advise of such changes,” Steven Shrybman wrote in the factum presented to the court.

There’s a minor correction to be made in the CBC story. It lists 7 challenged ridings, but there are six ridings being challenged now, with Don Valley East not being challenged anymore (even though there were fraudulent robocalls there) because the deadline has passed and the elector who came forward was not in the riding she thought she was eligible in. Damn. I only hope that 6 by-elections triggered by “irregularities” have as much impact on the public psyche as 7 would. They should.


Also of interest may be this article. We’re still waiting, months later, despite the legitimacy of the government being seriously challenged in high court. What is the point of having laws that make it possible to invalidate election results, if they are not resolved in a timely manner? It makes 0 sense to take years (18 months already) to undo the results of May 2, 2011, when a subsequent election could plausibly be called first. That’s not an argument against the laws, it’s a demonstration of how inept those people charged with enforcing them have been at getting Canadians the justice we desperately need.


9 responses to “ConCalls: Review is New Again #RoboCon

  1. Too too funny!!!! From your reference: Of the Clowncil of Canadian lawsuit “Last month, a woman in a seventh riding had to withdraw her case after discovering she lived in a different riding from the one she was challenging. Leeanne Bielli was the only applicant in the case who said she had been prevented from voting because of the call she received.”

    Maybe Leeanne was prevented from voting because she was too dumb to figure out where she lived. Compounding this she initiates a ficticious lawsuit!

    Please, please note Sask, the direct quote “Leeanne Bielli was the only applicant in the case who said she had been prevented from voting because of the call she received”.

    As I have said continuously all along and without exception, NO ONE lost their opportunity to vote because of this NDPQ fantasized ‘scandalette’.

    PS Just can’t help laugh at Leeanne… misled from reaching her voting poll cuz’ she lived somewhere else!!!! That’s a cracker!!!! and the Clowncil of Canadians (CoC) couldn’t do even a smidgen of due dilligence to see if they stood on solid legal ground. CoC suckers they indeed are!!!

    • Election fraud isn’t funny Redjefff, and neither are you. After earlier accusing someone else commenting here of not reading enough of what I write, you failed to also note that even though Don Valley East was affected by many fraudulent phone calls (which anyone could realize prevented a certain percentage of constituents from finding their correct poll), there was only one who came forward. Why would others on short notice when someone else stuck their neck out? It’s not human nature. What is Conservative nature is to find a loop hole or technicality to try and squeak out of this court challenge to their legitimacy in now 6 ridings. I don’t hold cheerleaders for election fraudsters in high regard.

      Yes, the Council of Canadians should have double checked, but maybe there shouldn’t be such a short time limit on challenging an election marred by fraud. Or it shouldn’t be incumbent upon citizens who don’t even know where their riding has been gerrymandered into being, to challenge irregularly elected MPs when Elections Canada should be doing the enforcing of the law. You know, due dilligence and all that.

    • Too funny!!! You refuse to answer very simple questions (because to do so would expose you) but you continue to blargle and gargle elsewhere.

      Like the cowardly fuck you are!


      Too funny! You ignore the damning first half of the CBC link, and imagine that nobody will notice! What a tool!!!

  2. This is some good work, Saskboy, thanks. Do you think the investigation is hampered by partisan politics? redjeff says that Leanne is the only applicant in the case, but I wonder if that’s the case for her riding only. Do you know how many applicants there are for the other 6? Pardon my ignorance, I haven’t been following the news story.

    • There is only one riding where the challenge has to be dropped. The other applicants must be good, the CPC were obviously looking for that loophole.
      Yes it’s being hampered for partisan reasons. The government in power stands to lose at least six seats, and credibility they inexplicably hold with about one in four Canadians, yet there are no charges for the recorded illegal robocalls made, which misdirected voters and impacted the results in at least the seven originally challenged.

      Meanwhile, we have papers showing Penashue, and Del Mastro spent too much, and both appear to have had corporate donations also (illegal federally). Again, no EC charges, only claims from the MPs that they are working with EC, whatever that means. And Fantino’s alleged second bank account is unresolved also, with the investigator not pushing one bank for documents and a clear response to the claim.

  3. Two Americans Wenzel and Parker, directly participated in14 Conservative campaigns. There was also Front Porch Strategies. A good number of robo-calls came out of the U.S.

    Millions of Canadians totally believe, Harper cheated to win. Nothing has or will ever happen, to change our minds on that one. Over half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M. If we knew it, so did Harper.

    Harper is terrified he will lose his majority, he cheated so hard to get. Harper is using every dirty tactic in the book, to lie and cheat his way out of his election crimes. Harper’s method of lying his way out of his election frauds, were posted long ago. Harper also campaigned on a Calgary radio station, right on election day. That too is election fraud.

    Harper as a dictator is a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics and he cheats to win. Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini all did the very same thing. All of them including Harper, if they are afraid they won’t win, they cheat. Hitler was so paranoid, he made a law, there were no other political party’s permitted in Germany. Stalin was so paranoid, he murdered millions of people, even his own relatives. We know what happened to Mussolini, in his dictatorship.

    Dictators control the media, police, judges, the courts, Election Ministries, their Ministers, Scientists and everything they get their dirty hands on.

    Once scum such as Harper gets into office, it’s impossible to get rid of them. Dictators are in the lowest form, of the human species. Other country’s get rid of their monsters with, armed revolutions, and extreme disobedience. However, Canadians are much too refined and complacent for armed revolutions, even if Harper is a monster.

    I would like provinces to separate, and be their own little countries. Harper selling us out to Communist China?? This country isn’t Canada anymore anyhow. I don’t want Red China on our Canadian soil. I detest Harper’s Canada.

    • Hi GJ! You must also loathe the Ottawa School Board, the teechurs union, by extension Tommy-Boy Mulcair and the Democratic party of the US! Let me explain…

      Unionized Scott Searle is a teechur for St. Peter Catholic high school organized a trip for 52 Canadian students from St. Peter and St. Matthew Catholic high schools to the swing-state of Ohio leading up to the U.S presidential election. Unionized theechur Mr Searle is listed as a volunteer for the Obama for America campaign. “They (the students) would have participated in incumbent President Barack Obama’s ‘get out the vote’ program by reminding pre-determined Obama supporters to vote. The students would have come home Wednesday after the results were in.”

      Currently the Ontario Teechurs union is participating in a ‘job action’ against students and parents in their salary fight with the Ontario Lieberal government. Some teechurs are withholding all but contractually obligated services and this is happening throughout the province. Why on earth would a union who’s acting like this sanction a pro-Obama working trip? The teechurs union is politically allied to Tommy-Boy Mulcair who is remaining strangely silent. I guess he only sees Alberta. So somehow, union led Catholic schoolkids get indoctrinated into stumping for a pro-abortion, pro-union candidate all with the unions blessing during a job action dispute.

      Now that’s a conspiracy even Gzap would appreciate!!! (just change Searle with Koch, Democrat with Republican and union with Exxon!!!!!!!!!!) BOOOOOOOOOO!! Ha ha!!

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