ConCalls: Moving #RoboCon Along

It’s a national disgrace that 18 months after the criminal phonecalls that ruined the 2011 election, there have been 0 people charged with the fraud of misdirecting voters to fake polling locations. The urgency to solve this just isn’t there in Elections Canada or the RCMP, even though we know the browser session for Prescott matches the one used by Poutine.

There’s also no plausible reason to use the same proxy for legitimate robocall setup, as Poutine did, yet that’s something that Prescott’s computer did as well. Since he took payment from Conservatives for the legitimate Racknine robocalls, we can assume that he was at the computer while the legitimate logged calls were programmed.

Sona, supposedly has limited technical knowledge, and was not among the people authorized to access the Conservatives’ CIMS database phone list. He was picked as an obvious goat when Poutine was discovered by an EC investigator and the media. If you recall, Sona had interfered with a Special Poll, causing quite a scene that made national news during the last election. So while he’s probably not directly involved in the RoboCon fraud, he did set himself up to be the goat by being the Guelph Cons’ special poll vigilante and making a name for himself in that manner.

Guelph Cons (and even the Libs there with their CRTC violating unidentified abortion issue call) certainly were a lightning rod of controversy and/or crime last election. Yet the most serious crime there, and across the nation, is unpunished. It’s a national disgrace. At least we’ve not devolved to arresting opposition leaders yet like the Americans, eh?

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16 responses to “ConCalls: Moving #RoboCon Along

  1. I know this whole post was rhetorical. Elections Canada is a captured, corrupted institution full of hacks who have lost sight of the point of what they’re supposed to be doing.

  2. It is starting to get worrisome, more so since the new Harper supreme court picks let him get away with one riding of cheating.

  3. Perhaps, just perhaps, the reason for the inaction is that there’s nothing to this… ahem… ‘scandal’. Although the “Special Poll” of “Sona had interfered with a Special Poll” was indeed a non sanctioned, ‘discretionary’ poll at a non sanctioned location. Rob-o-Guelph-vote?

    Love the Jill Stein arrest! Blockading the ethical oil sands in Texas!!!! Someone should give this directionally ‘challenged’ gal a map! Not that the poor soul is out of touch, but, it kind of shows her simplicity when she say’s “Romney and Obama are only talking about the symptoms of climate change in terms of destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy; the blockaders are addressing the cause.” knowing full well that NEITHER of the two have any jurisdiction on decisions governing Keystone on State or private land. That’s how Obambam wiggled out of the debate question which answered ‘oil and gas production are at their highest in 16 years’ while his administration reduced US Federal permits by 9%. Bambam tried to claim achievement that he did his best to stifle. These are, by the way, shovel ready, high paying, skilled trade, unionized jobs.

    Thought the NDPQ were for those kind o’ things.

    • It’s comments like those that reveal you as a hack. Anyone can hear the recording of the illegal calls, or read the court documents of the investigation. It’s not a make-believe crime, or “nothing to this”, it’s an unprosecuted crime. When crimes go unpunished, it creates scandals, and your dismissive comments reveal your true nature.

      • Yah. Not a single person has come forward showing they lost their opportunity to vote. Not one. Even the Supreme Court saw this in their Opitz decision.

        The problem is really when the 4% expect to always get their way, crying for endless do-overs until they think they’ll win. What they don’t get is that we have ‘do-overs’ every 4 years or so. And every do-over they’ve lost.

        Kinda’ makes ‘the 99%’ meme a bit of a joke.

      • ImpersonatorRedJeff, whether or not you’re the same as above, you’re both idiot hacks. Many people have come forward showing they lost their voting opportunities. That’s beside the point anyway, as the phonecalls pretending to be from EC were a crime regardless of their success rate.

        The SCOC wasn’t ruling on robocon’s phonecalls, it was about paperwork and undocumented voters spoiling the result in just 10 of the examined polls to a significant degree.

        Your 4% BS number is of course BS. Your point is BS too, as democracy is a series of “do-overs” where the public decides who wins.

      • “You like that hack bit don’t ya! ;) blatant plagiarist!!”

        You like avoiding answering uncomfortable questions don’t you? Gutless.

      • @reddjeff – regardless whether anyone was actually prevented from voting INTERFERING WITH ELECTIONS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED IN A DEMOCRACY, PERIOD. Not as individuals and certainly not as an organized, national effort. There are laws against it in this country that can lead to the disbarring of an entire political party and jailtime, both of which are most certainly appropriate in this case.

      • Except for one thing, there is no “organized, national effort.”. Despite what an internet petition would have you believe. Or the Clowncil.

        The saddest part is the perpetual caterwalling of the NDPQ that their ‘coalition’ under Tommy-Boy Mulcair is the true representative and (har har) legitimate government of Quebec… I mean Canada.

        Other than that it’s just a bag o’ sour grapes.

      • Sona said he didn’t have access to the lists of voters that Elections Canada believes were used to place the calls. The agency’s investigator says in court documents that it appears the party’s list of Conservative non-supporters matches the list of numbers auto-dialled with the misleading message.

        “You’ve got to take a look at the options and just say, you know what, what is the more realistic option here? That some then-22-year-old guy managed to co-ordinate this entire massive scheme when he didn’t even have access to the data to be able to do this, or the alternative — that this was much more co-ordinated or possibly that there were people that knew how to do this, that it was being done?”

        Pressed for more details after his appearance on Power & Politics, Sona pointed to interviews given to Elections Canada by his former Conservative Party colleagues and said the timing was interesting.

        “I don’t know for sure who it could have been, but I will say this. It’s interesting that you had a bunch of people come out and point the finger at me, officially to Elections Canada, only after my name was leaked to the media by anonymous sources.”

  4. Honest question: What companies performed the illegal calls? Who were they employed by?

    Second honest question: Who would support an NDP majority won by “votes” across the country for which there is not paper verification of their being made by qualified voters?

    • Would be great for investigators to finally answer that first question, since it’s hardly rocket science. Phone companies keep logs, and can figure out who made calls to those illegally reached by Poutine’s Racknine calls, as well as the rest across the country. Once the companies besides Racknine are identified, an interesting pattern would appear, I’m certain. Of course RMG, and CR deny any nefarious activity in the phonecalls they’ve been identified as making for the Conservatives.

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