ConCalls: The Sanctity of Election Fraud

Below is my comment left on Sixth Estate regarding the disastrously wrong Supreme Court decision yesterday. It protects the sanctity of election fraud, instead of Canadians’ right to vote in fair elections.

It’s “irregular” for there to be missing documents and many missing signatures from people vouched for. If it was regular, then there’d be tens of thousands of these cases across the country to point to. The majority on the SCOC decided to ignore the overall point of the challenge in handling the mistakes as their own isolated events, in a deliberate attempt to change the lower court’s justifiable ruling. If ten polls were this irregular, it’s reasonable to conclude that multiple more polls would have in excess of 26 votes missing legitimate documentation and voters. Sadly, logic was not in play in this disgraceful ruling.

In addition, as you’ve pointed out, they’ve made a partisan jab at the Liberals and Borys W., despite the fact that no one identifiable would be disenfranchised by overturning the election and holding another, because there would be ANOTHER ELECTION. You know, where the supposedly disenfranchised would get to vote. Also, if no victims can be identified (because the documents are missing), how can the SCOC claim that there’s anyone disenfranchised? They should prove it.

We are all justified in feeling sad about people getting away with election fraud.

The SCOC must not be allowed to say we have a right to vote, but that our votes can be drowned out by fraud and not trigger a by-election when the irregularities unquestionably impacted the result.

There are people working on bringing criminals to justice, but few are in offices of power. Support your fellow citizens, and speak up about the crimes against our democracy, until justice is served to the guilty. Time is running out, and the guilty are gloating.


8 responses to “ConCalls: The Sanctity of Election Fraud

  1. Canada has become a, putrid cesspool of corruption, especially since Harper’s so called majority. Harper has no right to be P.M. The Federal election is fouled and dirtied because of Harper’s robo-call cheat. The election, isn’t even valid. Two Americans Wenzel and Parker, directly participated in 14 Conservative campaigns. Front Porch Strategies of the U.S. are accused of the robo-calls that came out of the U.S. Robo-calls also came from North Dakota. We even have American police, operating in Canada.

    All of us know, Harper lied and cheated to win the election, with his robo-call election fraud. Corbett of Elections Canada suddenly resigned. Harper put one of his own boys in Elections Canada, Yves Corte. I said, this was a wait and see.

    It was posted long ago. With the riding disputes, Harper installed his new Conservative judges. We all knew the Etobicoke that was declared null and void by a judge, would be overruled by Harper’s judges. I said, this was a wait and see also.

    There was great amusement on Parliament Hill the other day. Harper is sending a weird group of people to the Ukraine. They are to make sure, their election is democratic and fair. On the Hill there were hoots of laughter. Harper cheated to win his own election. Canada’s own Federal election, was not democratic nor fair, what-so-ever.

    Harper is using every dirty tactic in the book to AGAIN, lie and cheat his way out of, his robo-call election fraud, and the riding disputes. Harper’s method of lying and cheating his way out of his corrupt crimes, were also posted long ago. They were exactly right. They nailed it.

    Harper knew he could never win the election fairly, so did we.

  2. I’ve been saying on my blog that the SCOC’s needless trashing of our reasonable standards for qualifying votes is deliberately intended to destroy confidence in our elections and rationalize harper’s introduction of election “reforms” that will allow them to exclude some voters while allowing massive opportunities for fraud to those in power.

  3. What a disgrace to Canadian Greenlibdipp democracy that an appointed, un-elected, politically burdened, bureaucrat cannot decide for the Canadian people who will run their country!!! Imagine, a governance of the people, by the people, taking precedence over an unelected mandarin from Ottawa!!! Such a travesty!!!

    Seriously, do you think the courts, rather than a uniform system of choice should be the decider of our destiny???

    Even the source documentation sez “There is no suggestion that either candidate did anything wrong on election day or during the campaign leading up to it.”

    Yet the author of this hack, hack, (sorry for my cough) blog says that this is no more than a conservative “fraud”… TWICE!!! If I were the Clowncil of Canadians (CoC) I would be crapping my pants! Poor CoC suckers are wasting precious donated monies in a misguided attempt to alter the Canadian electorates decision!!!

    Even the Supreme Court chose to respect that “Of the 79 votes rejected, 44 were cast by people who were legitimate voters listed on the national voters’ list” unless, of course, only the Greenlibdipp decree of disenfranchising Conservative voters is in effect! Robocalls anyone?

    Finally, what asinine level of mentality makes you think that all of the ‘illegal’ voters voted Conservative?????????? Did you waterboard all of the questionable parties? Is the sanctity of the voting booth not enough for the Greenlibdipp Alliance???????

    Perhaps had you done a good enough job PRIOR to the election you wouldn’t be crying like babies for a ‘re-do’!!!!!!!

    In closing I would simply ask my good Greenlibdipp, NDPQ friends to remember this…..

    Democracy is getting your say, not your way.

    It’s time to grow up and realize this.

    • > “There is no suggestion that either candidate did anything wrong on election day or during the campaign leading up to it.”

      Surely such an avid reader of this blog can’t be so obtuse as to have completely missed all references to such ‘wrong’ things that ‘suggest’ that candidates did just that.

      > Is the sanctity of the voting booth not enough for the Greenlibdipp Alliance???????

      Let’s get one thing crystal fucking clear. One party was responsible for attempting to steal polling boxes last election – the Conservative Party. Not a rogue individual. The Conservative Party. The fact that they took other steps to wreck the ‘sanctity’ of the voting booth is only an extension of what they were already caught doing red handed, and not charged for. The Liberals may have been dishonest in their calling, but it was the Conservative Party under Stephen Harper who took election fraud to a new level in this country. The fact that you are not absolutely ashamed of your government completely means you haven’t got a shred of a clue how important these voting booths are.

      • Actually I am that “obtuse”. Can you show me where, here or anywhere for that matter, either Big Bad Borys OR Mr Opitz did anything wrong?

        The rest of your reasoning is premised on that faulty base.

        PS… it took you 2 MONTHS to come up with ‘I’m smarter than the Supreme Court’ meme??????? Pretty lame.

      • Redjeff, to be fair, you’re pretty effing obtuse.

        GreenJeff pointed out the Conservative Party, not Opitz presently wears election fraud around its neck, and as a Con MP, Opitz does too. There’s no direct evidence that Opitz was behind RoboCon, but the poll workers in his riding seemed to screw up in his favour enough for him to win.

        As for GJeff’s delay in answering, not everyone reads my blog daily as you do.

      • Saskie, Saskie, Saskie… must your ‘rules of convenience of the day’ have to be so blatantly biased????

        Here TODAY you say “(the) Conservative Party, not Opitz presently wears election fraud around its neck, and as a Con MP, Opitz does too.” Yet on Dec 16th you said “I thought the NDP money in dispute was from the LEADERSHIP fundraising,”.

        By your OWN reasoning that means that Canada’s Quebec dominated national socialist party is illigitimate and should be decertified.

        Do you honestly feel Mr Opitz, admittedly by all sides an innocent man, should be forced to pay for some one elses ‘crime’?

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