Polls closing

The Saskatchewan civic election is winding up in half an hour. Polls close at 8pm, so get in line to vote ASAP if you haven’t yet.
I’ll be out at some post-election parties where I’ll find out if it’s been me or one of my worthy challengers who’ve become the next Councillor for Ward 1 in Regina. Have a great night. If I can get WiFi, I’ll update later. Check out www.reginaelection.com for independent presentation of results.

UPDATE: Here are the results. I finished third of seven in my Ward, surpassing the deposit-return cut-off mark too. Many incumbent councillors won again, with a notable defeat in Ward 10 where a previously elected football star barely lost. My friend Shawn Fraser won his election in Ward 3, so I’m pretty happy about that, and it is one very bright point on this otherwise lackluster result.


One response to “Polls closing

  1. WAY TO GO SASKBOY … I hope & trust this was a Super Terrific experience for you to leverage later on, in your political life … conincidentally, I finished 3rd out of 7 here in Toronto’s Ward 28, back in 2010. Looking on the bright side, my dear friend, this keeps you unfettered for a Federal Run in 2015 Or Sooner … SMILES !!

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