Clean Coal?

Romney said during the first debate there is an “Economy Tax”, and the US “can continue to burn clean coal”. Neither exists. The former was his attempt to coin a phrase, and the latter is a (very dangerous) lie.


Clean coal” is a phrase paid for by the dirty coal lobby to mean Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology. It’s not in production, and after nearly a decade of research, it does not show signs of coming online any time soon if ever. The energy that must go into scrubbing the exhaust from coal burning may be too detrimental to the entire electrical generation process. If the CO(2) is removed, there may be no suitable way to store it safely underground without risking deadly leaks to the surface. Romney is apparently clueless, or willing to lie about the use of so called “Clean coal” which cannot very well continue to burn (because not a pound is burning in a commercial application today, or even tomorrow).

Bienfait, Saskatchewan

It’s not a coincidence that CCS is used in oilfield rejuvenation.


Don’t think that this rebuke of Romney’s honesty is an endorsement of Obama. He’s got major issues too.


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