ConCalls: Israeli Ambassador Told Canadian MP to Stay Home

A little strange news linked to the election fraud of last year: The Liberal MP Borys W., who led the case to have Etobicoke Centre’s results overturned successfully, was once told by Israel to not go to Lebanon. It’s presumably not usual for a country’s ambassador to demand an elected official of Canada not travel to a third country. An added circumstantial twist is that Dean Del Mastro (implicated in election spending allegations by a large unexplained cheque written to his 2008 campaign) was set to go on the trip to Lebanon, but did not go. Other MPs set to go, still went with Borys.

In another trip, CSIS provided security for Borys, as there’d been a credible threat made against his life. He was to be thrown from a train.

Canadians still anxiously await the Supreme Court decision to uphold or overturn the lower court’s rebuke of Elections Canada’s administration of the nullified vote in Etobicoke Centre last year. Conservative Ted Opitz of that riding continues to act as if he has legitimacy as an elected MP.

We’re also waiting for charges against whomever Pierre Poutine and the others are, who organized thousands to hundreds of thousands of fraudulent calls pretending to be from Elections Canada. The calls were made. The records are there. Why are authorities delaying in tracing them and pressing charges more than a year later?

Borys remembers being called by Alan Baker, the Israeli Ambassador of the day, and bluntly told that he wasn’t going to make the trip.

“I’ve never told anyone this before. Very forcefully, he said I wouldn’t be going to Lebanon and if I did, I would be fully discredited by the time I got back to Canada. Here was an ambassador of another country dictating to an elected representative of the Canadian people. This is not the way diplomats conduct themselves.”

Borys was horrified by what he saw in the war zone, from the sheer scale of the destruction, the toys and shoes in the rubble, to the ubiquitous stench of death – the full reality of war so completely filtered out on distant TV screens. He was advised by his own party people against talking about the devastation he had witnessed in southern Lebanon, parts of which are uninhabitable to this day because of Israeli cluster bombs.


5 responses to “ConCalls: Israeli Ambassador Told Canadian MP to Stay Home

  1. And the “fact check” call to Alan Baker has him denying he would threaten an MP and neither of the other two MPs who went got a call. Not that Boris would lie or anything, but has anyone asked CSIS to confirm they provided security for him before he was ever an MP? Still, Baker was right and poor Boris had to retract a few of his sillier statements after his trip to Lebanon and his swallowing of the Hezbollah media manipulator, err liason’s, story whole.

    Still, Harris is the best literary fellator there is.

  2. “has anyone asked CSIS to confirm they provided security for him before he was ever an MP?”

    Better get on that rat and kindly inform as to their response to your query.

    Btw, did you receive your very own Acme mad bomber kit yet? Like the one Mr. Netanyahu brought to the UN?

    . .

  3. Sadly, in desperation to find any reason to hate our legitimate government, it looks like a typical left wing ideologue has fallen for another Borys Munchhausen fantasy tale. As an added bonus it involves anti-semitism also!!

    Then again, it answers the authors juxtapositional reference of bogus Borys and bogus bobocalls!!!

    PS…. at least it wasn’t as unhinged as the ‘Alberta Taliban’ post earlier on this site.

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