Hardship: Sorry, none to spare

It is only people who face adversity who have the best stories to tell. No one wrote a book about a perfect family, where nothing ever went wrong. Maybe that is why I’m not such a great teller of stories, I had too easy a life? I don’t think I’d want some of the other options that would have been available had I been given a chance to choose. It’s been good playing life set on very-easy mode. It’s that good fortune that is why I think it’s my duty to put some of my time into making sure other people can have it a bit easier also.


2 responses to “Hardship: Sorry, none to spare

  1. Very Well Put & Well Phrased Saskboy … Your Being So Magnanimous In This Regard Is One Of Your Many, Many Strengths … Thank You !!

  2. I got chased by a puppy yesterday. I’d prefer AB to make recyclable biosensor (but not some dual use) and medical diagnosis equipment, and energy infrastructures, with their oil. It is odd the two landlocked Provinces are/were most for decentralized Province-1st powers…first the geography lessons, then the power…

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