ConCalls: Maintaining Integrity?

What trust is there to maintain? There were (hundreds of) thousands of illegal phonecalls made in the May 2011 election, and there’s not been a single charge laid by Elections Canada or the RCMP. They are sitting on evidence that links Prescott’s browser session to Pierre Poutine’s browser session.

Wasp drinking

The election got blown up by thousands of criminal phone calls made by computers programmed by very bad people. There’s no integrity in a clusterfrick of phone calls pretending to be your organization, and you have the power to investigate and press charges, but you don’t lay a single fricking hand on a guilty person! Mayrand, what are you thinking!?

There is no evidence available that Elections Canada has opened active investigations into the thousands of complaints of crimes made outside of the Guelph campaign which Poutine is directly involved with. We have been waiting for a reason to have trust restored in Elections Canada. There is no trust left to maintain!

at 9:59 AM ETA call to action?
Settle the voter fraud issue and maybe then the public will start to become more engaged. As is stands now we have no reason to believe that our vote matters.

at 9:56 AM ETMaintain trust???

Holy Crow! How about getting to the bottom of the Robo-call fiasco first, then start talking to Canadians about “trust”

It has been almost 16 months since the first robo-call complaints were made to EC.

WTF is Elections Canada? Where The Frick are they? Help us restore legitimate democracy! Enforce the Damned Elections Law!


8 responses to “ConCalls: Maintaining Integrity?

  1. Elections Canada has apparently started investigations into ridings other then Guelph recently. There are rumours that EC also has material that may be sent to the RCMP for Guelph, but that’s just rumours.

    from the article:
    ‘Rumours in Conservative circles in Ottawa say that investigators have sent a report on the Guelph call to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who will decide whether there is sufficient evidence for charges to be laid, but they cannot be confirmed.’

    What is also interesting and also depressing is that this article by Maher and McGregor, whose work has been consistently excellent on the issue, was not covered by either the citizen or the post, where they had published every other article. I hope that this doesn’t mean that the remaining two MSM chains that were still actively investigating this story have dropped it. Might be worth emailing them to find out, or checking in with a friend of a friend who knows one of them.

  2. This country is, Harper’s Fourth Reich.

    Harper controls, judges, courts, police, the media, Scientists, ministers, mla’s, Elections Canada and pretty much everything else. I don’t even know why, we are paying for, Premiers, Ministers or Mla’s. None of them are permitted to say nor do anything, everything has to go through Harper first. They are all, useless dead wood.

    We all know, of the Americans, Wenzel and Parker of Front Porch Strategies, that participated in 14 Conservative campaigns. We know, American police are permitted to operate in our country. We know Corbett suddenly resigned from Elections Canada. Harper installed one of his own boys in Elections Canada, Yves Corte. With all of that. Elections Canada is dropping the case because, they can’t chase Harper’s robo-calls into the U.S. “WE” have no jurisdiction in the U.S. Meanwhile, the U.S. interferes in our elections. The U.S. has police in Canada…and, we have no jurisdiction in the U.S… chase Harper criminal robo-call cheat election fraud?? A great number of robo-calls came out of the U.S. I believe, Front Porch Strategies was mentioned.

  3. I think Tony Blair had the best description for this malaise in the GreenLibDipp camps… “Part of the problem when the Opposition is useless is that the public feel strangely disenfranchised. This was how many Labour people felt during the Thatcher years…We had lost four elections in a row. The system must be faulty, mustn’t it? Whereas, of course, we were at fault. So this sense of alienation is not, in fact, reasonable. Actually, it’s worse that that; it is profoundly undemocratic. It’s the losing side feeling it shouldn’t have lost and trying to manufacture a rerun, or change the rules…There was [is] thus a weird disconnection between public opinion as expressed in the polls (and indeed in the result), and the public opinion apparently struggling under the oppression of a government, against whom severe action had to be taken because there was no alternative, since the democratic system was for some reason or other not working as it should.” From, A Journey: My Political Life (2010), p. 322.

    It certainly explains such rediculous excesses as
    1) “…(hundreds of) thousands of illegal phonecalls…”
    2) “Rumours in Conservative circles… but they cannot be confirmed”
    3) That BRILLIANT bit of ‘proof’… “checking in with a friend of a friend”
    4) “This country is, Harper’s Fourth Reich.”

    Then again, integrity, like “civility” (eh E. Jack!) has a different meaning in the NDPQ handbook!!!!!

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