Rant On

Rant on, while you still can. The right to rant is not won through timidity and withdrawing from struggles. There will always be something that you disagree with, it’s just important to rant now and then for what’s important to you because nothing gets better without the effort made by someone. You are someone.

More than 1/3 Canadians have given up ranting in any meaningful, peaceful way. Their withdrawal from duties their citizenship demands, has let power-hungry people attain high office. Unless more average, good, peaceful people involve themselves in governance, the opposite sort of people will do so in higher numbers (it only stands to reason).

(Kenney’s an example of someone involved in politics who should not be.)


3 responses to “Rant On

  1. thanks for taking me back to one of my favs
    a good rant or rave usually gets me a pat on the head ….whoa tell us how you really feel and a chiding to not think so much
    i am afraid north america will sleepwalk thru the great hallucination until the edge of whatever cliff comes first gets us
    or as i have been saying lately
    i will not cut my hair
    i will not learn my lesson
    i will not be prepared
    i will buy gas for the mustang at 30 bucks a gallon
    survival will be by the fittest (if by fittest you mean the biggest bank account)
    my only chance is in the tiny cubic centimeter of chance
    that allows a unarmored man to walk thru 50 miles of gunfire and not be harmed
    bender from futurama
    you can’t prove it won’t happen
    i am of the age
    my rants don’t have rage
    its the endless ocean of stupidity
    that i have to swim in i think
    by the time i expain what is going on
    the fire that should be there is pretty dim
    do enjoy the recommended tune tho
    and try to catch the lyrics
    rants and raves get you into some pretty good company
    as does blasphemy really
    Rave on John Donne – Van Morrison

  2. Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, John, for making me aware of my cousin Frances Bula’s blog, when you posted the link a couple of years ago. Now THERE are some first-class rants!

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