Commodity In the Real World

I read Jackson’s comment about Maystruck’s presentation and “Brandwashed”, and it stuck out in my mind. It came back to me when Hedges talked about it last night, and I found the comment in a speech he gave at UofT almost two years ago, before Egypt’s uprising took place.

“Everything in our world is a commodity – everything is either bought or sold and will be recommended or not.”

“When your community physically breaks down”, people retreat into fantasy and magical thinking. “Miracles and magic” are desired. “Absurdist policies” rule the day. Military spending is rising, but people want government spending to be cut. Attempting to push people back into reality, brings a rage from those attempting to avoid the world that almost destroyed them. “The end of the world is no longer an abstraction” in Detroit as Hedges points out.

37:30 in the video:

“The rise of the commodity culture, where everything from human beings to the natural world have no intrinsic value, but are judged only on their monetary value.”

Hedges studied religion, and is of the opinion that the loss of sacredness, where people don’t hold certain things like the natural world and life at a higher value than money, is a crushing weight on preserving civilization.


4 responses to “Commodity In the Real World

  1. I can’t believe you guys are pushing Uranium to China. Only the consumer parts of the economy are part of commodity world.
    I was devasted the store that sells useless household crap went out of business. They should’ve just sold posters of the plastic cube fireplace model. That blonde, I hope she is enough of a commodity to hawk other useless garbage. If she gets knocked up and starts caring about things other than a paycheck…I believe in true love. Lost Sudeikis on SNL and the Tron hologram, because they don’t believe in commodity world. They are commodities, dammit!!

  2. “…slip beneath the water, fishing for the surface.
    The taste of dread. End-to-end.
    Speak through my familiars. Speaking to the angels.
    Music in the making. Painter and his paintings
    are all inside under my: life.
    Somewhere out of nowhere. Somewhere out of time.
    Had a dream a river turned into red wine.
    Search my mind for pain. Thoughts and fears
    and memories of yesteryear. Sometimes I could cry…”

    That cdn art inspires me to create a better less Prairie world. You can’t put a price on the survival of a benevolent species. Be even better with the $2 of weed I lost before the Bomber game…

  3. …(search the sky for nothing) Search my mind for pain.
    If you aren’t being a good Christian raising 2.2 dumb kids, it is a good surrogate.

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