Alberta Taliban — UPDATED

The National Post reports that RCMP claim the earlier report of carvings was a hoax. It’s a puzzling hoax, and pretty elaborate rock vandalism, regardless. Who is correct?

Priceless, irretrievable, unexplored stone markings in Alberta have been intentionally destroyed by unknown criminals using methods employed by the Taliban to erase investigation of history. Vandals with power tools, acid, and apparent historical-genocide as motive, ruined a look into Canada’s ancient past. It’s an international disgrace, and for what? For what??


5 responses to “Alberta Taliban — UPDATED

  1. Desecrating the graves of the millions of skulls that are the basis of our “civilization”…erase that inconvenient history and rewrite the rest. 1812 oh ya
    Funny the outrage factor is really downplayed when it is “us” doing it
    A single mustache on a harper poster would be reason to get CSIS involved and get nation wide outrage (well at least in the media)

    • Sadly, the man seems a tad deranged! So full of victimhood and persecution complex. “Mr. Knowlton said he had long known about the ancient paintings on the erratic,which he believed had been there since time immemorial, but felt the spirits of the place were uncomfortable with him taking photographs…

      “Days before he was set to document his findings, however, he said he climbed to the top of the stone to find the paint and the inscriptions gone, eradicated by drills and detergent by those who would target the Blackfoot, Piikani, and the followers of what he described as the “Sudana tradition…

      “When Lionel Jackson, emeritus scientist with Natural Resources Canada, saw the pictures of the so-called damage to the erratic, he recognized it immediately. His team created it while drilling rock core samples — in October 1995.”

      Somehow the intrepid archeologist Mr Knowlton didn’t ‘notice’ 17 year old drill holes!!!!!!!!!

      Then again “He believes his own family descends from something called the “Sudana” tradition, originating with a legend about a man man named Sudana, who was trained in syllabic writing after visiting the constellation Pleiades.”

      The lesson to the Greenlibdipp Alliance? Don’t count on your Knowltons before they’re Nashed!!!!!!

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