ConCalls: CoC Federal Court


-(Federal Court, ASS. PRESS)

The Council of Canadians (CoC) court challenge is fiiiinalllly underway in Federal Court this morning. Well, sort of. It’s defending itself against the Conservatives who are complaining that the CoC is partisan (In other news, irony detectors just exploded today across the country). Unlike my It’s Over satire, the satire in court today is real. It must be too much for the court to pretend to care.

Democracy lost in 140 characters or less.

@LeslieMacKinnon @CouncilofCDNs Why is RCMP waiting to press charges against Poutine when they have browser session evidence too? #RoboCon

@LeslieMacKinnon Why are phone records of illegal #robocalls not retrieved by Production Orders. Know calls made, so where’s call log? With #robocalls phone log, companies involved would be identified. RCMP would have leads to pursue. Not rocket science, it’s #RoboCon.

It’s not like there is any urgency to the #robocalls investigation. Fate of nation’s government & democracy isn’t riding on it. Oh wait!


10 responses to “ConCalls: CoC Federal Court

  1. ICC’s Chief Prosecutor, found Harper guilty of, stonewalling and refusing to co-operate with, the torture of the detainee investigation. The prosecutor, left it up to the RCMP to pursue, Harper’s war crimes and crimes against humanity. Of course they didn’t bother. Harper controls the police, judges, the media and the courts. We all knew that would happen. Millions of Canadians, don’t even want the RCMP. as an icon for Canada anymore. The RCMP in BC, are the worst, most corrupt, in all of Canada. They are for, Harper’s police state only. Harper’s crimes, will not be investigated.

    It is utterly pointless, to have the RCMP investigate Harper’s robo-call election cheat. There would only be one outcome of, not guilty. Harper has also installed, new Conservative judges. Harper is fighting tooth and nail, using every dirty tactic in the book, to lie and cheat his way, out of his criminal robo-call cheat. Harper even had, a many times convicted criminal working for him. Bruce Carson was arrested for influence peddling, someone right after Harper’s heart.

    Someone such as Harper, needs people like Carson and ex BC Liberal Premier, Gordon Campbell, to do their dirty work for him.

    Harper has dirtied Canada, into a cesspool of corruption. BC is especially under attack, and has paid the worst price of all, for Harper and Campbell’s corruption. The RCMP even refused to investigate, Gordon Campbell’s theft and sale of our BC railroad, and the priceless Real Estate that went with it.

    Whoever said Crime doesn’t pay? Should have their mouths, washed out with soap. Crime sure in the hell does pay for, some Canadian politicians.

    • Ok, I’ll try one more time (without the irony this time). GJW, how can you say…
      – “left it up to the RCMP to pursue, Harper’s war crimes and crimes against humanity”
      – “Harper controls the police, judges, the media and the courts”
      – “They (RCMP) are for, Harper’s police state only”
      – “Harper has dirtied Canada, into a cesspool of corruption”

      When the Right Honourable Steven Harper has just been awarded the World Statesman of the Year for 2012 by The Appeal of Conscience Foundation? This award is presented to recipients as recognition for them being promoters of human rights and freedoms. It has as past winners included Jean Chrétien, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and, most recently, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

      The Appeal of Conscience Foundation has on it’s board former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger (the man most responsible for turning Egypt from a Russian to an American ally), former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker and former U.S. president Bill Clinton as its honorary chair.

      Now, are you saying that you have the ‘inside scoop’ and that Kissinger, Volcker and even Slick Willy, all very wise men, are all wrong?

  2. [ADMIN NOTE: Offtopic trolling portion of comment removed. RedJeff is a repeat offender. Slightly on-topic trolling portion retained below so you can see why the rest wasn’t worth knowing.]

    Isn’t the Clowncil of Canadians nothing more than a Novaya Demokratik Partskya front group?……. like PSAC?

    • Redjeff, aren’t you interested in finding out if fraud was committed? Aren’t you just waiting for a chance for conservatives to show they weren’t involved in court?

      And by the way, why are the conservatives spending so much money to stop an investigation into electoral fraud if they didn’t do it?

  3. RedJeff presents as a harsh (even shocking) contrast to what I feel or believe in
    Yet he has many times.. presented solid issues or factual history I had to review and research very carefully .. and the facts made me think .. consider
    You’ve always allowed his extremely but distinctly Canadian dissent Sask …
    I would beg your discretion… I would rather read his views in full.

    Red Jeff .. be cool … say what you feel/believe .. respectfully.. and bluntly
    Sask… keep on keeping on .. you do it incredibly well
    Me … try to keep my head on straight and my heart in the right place..

    If you’re not stepping up to defend or represent Canada and Canadians..
    let me know …
    If someone says/implies they’re trying to take my country down .. in any way ..
    they have no idea what serious problems that creates for them.

    This aint politics ..This is CANADA

    Its incredibly and really personal
    any and every Canadian gets this ….
    its not complicated .. at all

    Its dirt simple ..

  4. Well… the CoC is a partisan organization, but then there is the sheer irony and hypocracy of a political party making that kind of accusation.

  5. Provide some valid reference or original source material.. or at least swim to a more convincing or imposing rock to stand on D.I.D .. Taking 25 seconds to load and fire your broadside seems a little thin. Did you intend to imply they (CoC) are anti-Harper ? Perhaps reflecting the Rhino Party as they are goring herr Harper? I’m not sure that makes them partisan.. it does suggest they are patriotic and Harper is not. If you’re a lawyer I understand your rhetorical conundrum..
    just as I understand Arthur Hamilton’s similar conundrum..
    ie defending the indefensible..

    What political party are you suggesting the COC is a party to ………….. ?
    I’d like to know… as I may consider voting for them
    and might value your direction accordingly ..

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