No Go Argo

When I saw the trailer for Argo, I had a flashback to the Tommy Douglas Story. It was obvious from the focus of the plot that the CIA was going to get credit for saving the American hostages in Iran, 1979, instead of Ken Taylor, the Canadian diplomat.

That’s the problem when you let Americans write history with semi-fictional blockbusters.


4 responses to “No Go Argo

  1. You do realize that it’s a Hollywood movie, don’t you? Meant for entertainment purposes only, right? It’s an Inconvenient Truth that the facts shouldn’t get in the way of some good fiction!

    In another repudiation of journalism standards at the Toronto Red Star (the posters citation) the ‘reporter’ admits “Disclaimer: I was not at the premiere and haven’t seen Argo. And until I do, I can’t offer my personal take on the film. Certainly the audience loved it; they gave it a standing ovation.”

    Then again, what would you expect from third-hand second-hand left-lib fluff?

    • You do realize that this is a movie review based on the trailer and comments in the article linked, don’t you? Meant for entertainment purposes only, right? It’s shaping perceptions of people who see the film to use a little critical thinking as to why the CIA is going to be viewed as heroes by millions of Americans, instead of the Canadian diplomat who was more successful.

      Then again, what would we expect from RedJeff other than nasty fiction?

      • A movie review based on a TRAILER????????

        Typical left-lib analysis… pontificate on something neither you nor your source have even seen. Har har.

        By the way, isn’t “shaping perceptions” Orwellian for propaganda?

  2. Apparently Ken Taylor was not consulted on this film, till after complaints were received at the Toronto Film festival. This movie is a lie, diminishing Canada’s role. I remember hearing that the 6 Americans were issued Canadian passports and coached on Canadian slang, accents and geography. When the time was right, Mr. Taylor closed the Canadian embassy and all personnel left Iran, along with the 6 Americans. It was a dangerous time, because all of the Canadian embassy personnel could have been taken prisoner if this ruse about the 6 Americans in their midst had been discovered by the radicals. It was huge news on TV after they all got back safely with Americans thanking Canada all over the place.
    How soon they forget….

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