Gregg: Too Long; Didn’t Read

TL;DR is a common refrain found on the Web now. It means that something was too long for the comfort of the reader, so they didn’t bother. Reader’s Digest version, please?

Why bring up this smarmy abbreviation? There’s a blog post going around that’s got a lot of good content in it, but it’s too long for most people to read it. Most people need to know what it contains though. Here’s the TL;DR summation:

Democracy Beaten to Death by Phone, RoboCon

Canada’s government has a lot in common with the dystopian novel 1984‘s fictional world. This is according to a respected pollster and academic with a PC background.

“What The Fuck.”

WTF. Do pay attention, or it will get worse for you and your family, quickly. Here’s an excerpt with a fine example. It’s about Truthiness and feeling/hating, not thinking:

In his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention, this is the rationale that Mitt Romney offered as the most compelling reason to vote for him instead of his opponent …. “President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family?”

What the f**k? As if the two are mutually exclusive? As if healing the planet means you can’t help families? Or that helping families means ignoring the planet?

Yet this was the biggest applause line of his entire speech. I guess for many, when you fear for your family, it is comforting to think that all you have to do to protect them is ignore rising ocean levels and everything will be alright. Once again, in the most perverse way, Orwell was right … Ignorance can feel like strength.

And here’s the bit about paying attention, and doing something. Paying attention would be a good start.

While the circumstance in Canada 2012 is obviously nowhere near as dystopian as what Orwell depicts in 1984, I really do think that there are some unsettling parallels going on here that we ignore at our peril. I also think it’s time to gather the facts….and fight back.


4 responses to “Gregg: Too Long; Didn’t Read

  1. SASKBOY … I always look forward to reading your super terrific Content … ALWAYS … Please Continue Your Most Excellent Commentaries.

    The Complexity Of Some Issues just does not allow for sound bite like abbreviations.

    They can call Me A Dolt (or anything they prefer) for reading the whole piece … It Does Not Matter The Length … I can / will read the whole story !!

  2. yep that’s exactly how things are going
    (went and read greggs post)
    go out on your back patio
    close your eyes
    and take a deep breath
    yep thats right
    just the same as 1938 germany
    and a “majority” cheering dear leader on
    and three more years of exactly the same to come
    and nothing within the law that will effect its’ going forward
    the average voter is pretty much clueless as to policies
    and 1/2 the voters are dumber than that
    and blogs and replies in the vastness of the internet?
    voices in the wilderness
    and messages tacked on trees
    i am not hopeful
    blessings …mike

  3. I read the whole article and totally agree with it. I forwarded the article to 3 people who I thought would actually read the whole article.

  4. Great find .. your article on a pouring wet Saturday morn in Toronto .. thanks.
    The linked essay is great.. no I did not read the whole thing.. yet !
    I just scanned it.. and will likely read it carefully 2 or 3 times at least

    How we receive/absorb or are bombarded with information, ideas, media, news, propaganda etc intrigues me as a dirt simple artist – Ontario farm boy that growed up a bit.. and as a Canadian. How we learn intrigues me. I am a very slow learner, and often repeat mistakes.. and I’m easily fooled, once, twice n even thrice.. or more.

    How we are influenced, led or herded, inspired or controlled intrigues me. Perceptions, instinct, challenging new ‘facts’, evidence, rumor, gossip etc also intrigue me. All those complex darn things like ideology, ethics.. beliefs.. morality Whew ! Even religion … (which I finally recovered from. Yes, I’m an ex altar boy.)

    I no longer buy newspapers.. I can find one free on the seat of any bus. I can find a thousand different perspectives on Mitt Romney or his wife’s horse’s diet or bowel movements via the worldy wild web in minutes. I can find deep background on Jason Kenney and his silliest moments in mere minutes via the web, but certainly not via a free rag on the bus, or the Toronto Sun ..

    Ah .. BIAS or UNBIASED .. that is the question – ‘Shakyspeare’
    Information or DisInformation.. Message or Massage (Marshall McLuhan)

    The info and media world is my oyster now… I can access Emily Dee or Rush Limbaugh, I can read Rafe Mair or Pierre Poilievre. Do I want to read what John Baird used to say about the Great Baird Rain Forest or what he’s saying now that its in the way of the great will never leak in BC shining pipeline to China.

    I can read Alexandra Morton’s concerned views on salmon farming, her baseline tissue analysis and on site/on the water follow ups or … the annual official perspective of BC’s Minister of Environment.. or Keith Ashfield’s federal views as Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. (The fish are fine Alexandra, thanks for your concern) That the farm fish are infected is no longer in question, they were disposed of long ago and the disposal continues. Its now like governmental-official fictional or creationist marine biology meets hard assed and spitting mad scientific, evidence based factual reality.

    Hell, I can even stoop very low, online.. to catch Peter Kent’s completely adrift, robotic environmental blatherings on fish habitat & sewage ditches or his deep deep intellectualism re not regulating slippery water hydraulic fracturing flowback wastewater deep injection disposal..

    Why Kent thinks poisoning Alberta’s boreal wolves with strychnine via air drops is wonderfully incoherent, & really gets my small Canadian mind confused. We poison the wolves, therefore the caribou have lots of little baby caribou which don’t get eaten by the bad wolves, but the caribou still have nothing to eat… because we stripped the boreal forest ? OK .. the caribou are starving, the wolves are starving or eating airdropped poison baits, as are any wolverines, eagles, coyotes, skunks, bears et al .. Peter ! The Food Chain.. have you read about it ? Earth to Peter Kent .. Hello ?

    Ugh.. Sask … as a lowly (beef) farm boy with an internet connection
    I find out via simple blogs like yours.. that our brilliant government and its purportedly mensa level and wonk-meister & economist (masters)
    degreed leader and exemplary cabinet cadre of buffoons.. think we should take heed of their partisan wisdom and transparent accountable coven. And get the stinkin dilbit from hell n Alberta off to China ASAP-Toute Suite .. n good riddance & can we have another bowl of chinese trade reciprocity and a brace of F-35’s for 2025 delivery pleez..?

    The Canadian electorate, riding to riding, across the great land,
    is as truly or dully impressed as me? We all feel re-assured or frightened by the shrill deniable or inadvertent emanations of Fred DeLory ? The bizarre legal & vexatious disclaimers of pet Con lawyer Arthur Hamilton.. the libels or hispanic sexual innuendoes-taunts of oily Ezra The Ethical Venter.. ? The alacrity of Elections Canada.. the weighty wisdom of The Speaker of The House ? The Ethics Committee..? I miss Dean Del Mastro, standing tall and loud for Canada and Peterborough and baseless smears and his evil twin Pierre Poilievre standing smugly & sanctimoniously en francaise for .. something or other.

    I want to hear more from Joe Oliver about pipelines, oil prices, radical Haida Elders and amazing n nimble Chinese VLCC tankers in The Douglas Straits. And .. why tar sands tailings pond water is good for all Canadians

    I am Canadian … I am curious
    My common sense antenna is positively vibrating right now..
    The bullshit/fraud meter reading is off the scale regarding Steven Harper et al

    No apologies .. for saying so .. just saying ..

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