ConCalls: It’s Over #RoboCon


-(Federal Court, ASS. PRESS)

REGINA, SK – Elections Canada’s commissioner put an end to the so-called Robocalls investigation today, citing the difficulty faced with investigating a sweeping national election crime. Commissioner Yevs Cote told Postmedia’s Stephen McMaher, “It’s been really difficult for investigators to obtain evidence when the trail led to the United States, as we have no power there.” American prosecutors have been kept busy by the voter suppression techniques pioneered there, including robocalls that attempt to trick voters into missing their chance to cast a ballot. They’ve been reluctant to offer assistance to Canadian investigators, claiming the First Amendment rights of those being investigated outweigh the Canadians’ need for resolution in the almost two year investigation. The RCMP have since been contacted by Elections Canada to complete the investigation, although they’re really busy executing other search warrants and said to expect a further four week delay. First come, first served, is how the busy national police force has chosen to prioritize this case.

Conservative spokesperson Frederic Delorian emailed a statement to the press, expressing relief that the cloud of suspicion around his party will now pass. “We saw last week that the Liberals are the only party who has been fined for illegal robocalls in one of the hundreds of ridings that were under investigation. It’s our solemn expectation that voters will recognize that it’s most likely other unidentified Liberals, or the guilty Guelph Liberals, who were behind the other calls made from the United States and elsewhere our investigators have no authority.”

Adam Goldenrod, President of the Liberals, meanwhile reacted with dismay over Elections Canada’s news. “Our party needs closure. Without charges against those who phoned Canadian households falsely claiming to be Elections Canada, the Liberals are unfairly cast as the only party behind illegal robocalls last year during the election.” There’s already word from anonymous Conservatives that Dean Del Maestro is planning on calling Frank Valirote, MP for Guelph into an ethics committee hearing. The robocalls Guelph Liberals made, triggered a $4500 fine by the CRTC late last week.

In light of the NDP’s recent admission to improper accounting during their leadership campaign and in the wake of Layton’s death, they’ve remained conspicuously silent on the robocalls affair. Green MP Elizibeth May thanked NDP leader Tom Mulcare for “minding his own business”. May renewed her call for Elections Canada to re-open the closed investigation into fraudulent robocalls made in her riding in 2008, but no one noticed or responded at Elections Canada. Elections Canada declined to comment, as they do for all open-then-closed investigations.

The Federal Court meanwhile will be reviewing the Council of Canadians submission to trigger 7 by-elections, in December of this year. When asked why they will hear the case four months from now, the court gave no response as per tradition. The average case-load at the Federal Court includes 100 cases of national electoral fraud conspiracies every month, so it’s to be expected that there would be delays regarding the more than 1300 electoral crimes reported since May 2011.

“Canada has been a democratic country since 1867, and will be for the foreseeable future,” said Prime Minister Harper during a rare media appearance. “Our economy is fragile in the North, and a submission has been made to Elections Canada, and we’ll be working with them closely to see all problems are resolved.” The preceding article was satirical. Or is it?

Important UPDATE from the media who is tired of being told by Canadians to cover RoboCon more urgently:

It’s not like this is a national crisis or something! Sheesh!

15 responses to “ConCalls: It’s Over #RoboCon

  1. We have a fraudulent majority running the country, and they have skated through a crime with zero consequences. Who benefited from the robo calls? The Conservatives did. Which voters were targeted with these illegal acts in ridings across the country? Non-Conservative supporters. Which party has been well coached in American Republican voter suppression techniques? The Conservatives.

    • I’ll tell you what else is “true”: out of all the people who *allegedly* received calls attempting to direct them to the wrong polls (and I don’t doubt for a second that many of them are Liberal/NDP partisans lying through their teeth, since they have no way of proving otherwise), NOT ONE claims to have been denied their right to vote because of it. Not even one person out of, what…1300 or so?

      (which is a very far cry from the 30 THOUSAND number that Saskboy was once pushing here, let’s not forget…;)

      . This fact alone makes accusations that the Conservatives are somehow an “illegitimate” government quite simply laughable, even if the vote counts themselves didn’t prove otherwise (and they do, sorry).

      • There are recordings of the illegal phone calls. Your claim that those reporting the crimes are “lying through their teeth” is offensive and stupid. There are phone records available to investigators to prove that people were called illegally.

      • saskboy says:

        There are recordings of the illegal phone calls

        How many, and where are they? Please point me to them…

        (and, of course, is there any way to prove that they weren’t faked after the fact?)

        [Admin: I’ve collected the recordings, and summarize them here with the exception of the transcript of the unused Poutine recording found at RackNine. Court documents show that many were retrieved by Elections Canada prior to Feb. 2012. From memory, the one implicating the Liberals who have since been fined by the CRTC, surfaced AFTER Feb. 2012, so if timing matters to you, the CPC can’t weasel out with that lame excuse.]

        Your claim that those reporting the crimes are “lying through their teeth” is offensive and stupid.

        (heh…”crimes”…you crack me up…:)

        I said “many”, not all, and that’s just about as offensive to you as your stated belief that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is personally responsible for this so-called scandal is to me. Offensive, stupid and the reasoning of a child-like mind.

        [Admin: Did the PM not run on accountability in 2006? That implies that the party leader will be accountable for the actions of his party whether they be honourable or criminal.]

        There are phone records available to investigators to prove that people were called illegally.

        What “phone records” would those be? Who made the calls? Who says they were illegal? So far, only the Liberals have been convicted of any offenses committed during the last election in Guelph, and of course the NDP were convicted of illegally accepting donations from unions…is that what you’re talking about?

        [Admin: And the CPC have been accused of illegally accepting corporate donations in Del Mastro’s riding, spending over its limit in Del Mastro’s and Penashue’s, and accepting odd amounts in a notoriously corrupt Quebec riding.
        What phone records? You mean you don’t know that phone companies keep records? With the recordings, we know the calls were made, therefore there must be records of those calls. We know the content of the calls was illegal, thus there are phone records of illegal calls. It’s really child-like logic, meaning a child has more sense than you present.]

  2. The Federal election is dirty, contaminated, and in no way acceptable. We must never, never accept Harper as the P.M. of our once good and decent country. Harper is the most totally evil person, I can ever remember since Hitler. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper, have identical typo personalities.

    We all know it was Harper, responsible for the robo-call cheat. We also said, Harper would use every dirty tactic in the book, to lie and cheat his way out of his crime. The same way he cheated and lied his way into his election win. We know Harper controls Elections Canada. He got rid of the most honest member in Elections Canada, and placed one of his butt kissing boys, in place of the honest member. Harper also controls the media. Harper controls the judicial system.

    I also said, Harper is using dirty tactics, to prevent the investigation of, the election riding disputes. His new appointed Conservative judges, will see to that.

    Harper had Wenzel and Parker, two Americans from Front Porch Strategies, that canvassed in 14 Conservative campaigns. They worked the trenches for Harper. Harper even had them knocking on Canadians doors. We all knew and said, the robo-calls came out of the U.S. I’m not buying it , we have no jurisdiction in the U.S. The U.S. police, damned well have jurisdiction in Canada.

    Harper also hired a many times convicted criminal to work for him. Bruce Carson, was influence peddling. Wasn’t it nice for Harper to have someone like that, do his dirty work for him? Same as Gordon Campbell, he did Harper dirty work for him too.

    To understand Harper’s dirty tactics, dirty politics and cheating to win. I was told to read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign relations. This was in Sept 25/2007. This has been Harper’s evil agenda, right from day one. I also read: Harper gives a speech on, global governance for Canada.

    As we see, the American police can operate in Canada. However, for some obscure reason, we can’t have jurisdiction in the U.S. to take Harper and Obama down, for the robo-call cheat election win in Canada. Harper has gone out of his way, to persuade Canadians, to shop in the U.S. Watch out, for those security border meetings between, Obama, Calderon and Harper, and their secret meetings too.

    The web site has been right bang on. They said, Harper’s election win was rigged. They said, Harper is the worst evil, most corrupt P.M. in the recorded history of this country. They even warned about Harper’s evil intentions with the U.S. and Mexico. These are the most evil times, Canadians have ever been forced to live in, all because of Harper.

    Harper has been a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics and most certainly, cheated to win. Even seeing Harper’s face on TV, makes me gag. Our extended family have most of our plans in place, to get out of Canada. Harper reminds us too much of Hitler.

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  4. I just woke up from a terrible dream.

    In the dream, a 500 thousand ton pile of steaming stinking shit was dumped, without anyone seeing the crime.. right on the front lawn in front of the Parliament Buildings. The country was stunned, flummoxed, dazed and confused… perhaps even mildly upset. The government had been prorogued, so was in a state of suspended animation.. and took a while to smell the shit, so to speak.

    The CEO of the Harper Government (in my nightmare) and his hard men, declared the full weight of the law would fall on the anonymous and possibly liberal, NDP, radical foreigners or Haida elderly perps.

    A few years later, despite all the power, the majesty, the immense clout of the Prime Minister, his wife, Ray Novak, The mighty Cabinet, The Speaker of the House, The Sergeant at Arms, The Governor General, John Baird, Her Majesty The Queen, The formal Opposition, Vic Toews, The Privy Council, All of Parliament and the House of Commons, The RCMP, The OPP, Julian Fantino, The Canadian Forces, The Canadian Secret Security Agencies… and ELECTIONS CANADA … and Dean Del Mastro.. we came up with ‘dick’ .. nada .. nothing.. except a funny name – Pierre Poutine – and an IP address related to a web browser and an unsecured wifi web connection. Canada Eh was in a tizzy.. a serious uproar.. !!! This was almost as bad as losing to the damned Russians in hockey!

    I don’t know what web browser it was in my dream.. but if I was the PR or marketing director of Firefox or Safari or Explorer.. I’d be selling the case study of how one person, plus a browser, a database, a live/robo call service account, a few PayPal dollars and a burner cel phone could demolish democracy in approx 4 minutes, take over a country, move votes, suppress votes, misdirect votes, groom votes, and hoodwink a nation. And get away with it !!

    Huh ? And trigger a spread sheet election imbalance to elect a majority government and enable pipelines, float fleets of chinese tankers, strip pensions and boreal forests, sell asbestos, defy and defund/fire scientists, studies and reason, poison wolves, enable tailings ponds visible to google earth, ‘open up’ arctic resources, buy F35 jets that aint been built, deny climate change, establish foreign military bases, support torture and .. well .. whew !! Remind us all how this all helps deliver jobs, transparency, captures carbon and ensures accountability and good government.

    Too bad that good government hasn’t got the phone number of a smelly shit removal service. We could have have moved the 500 thousand tons to Tampa.. they’re bullish on bullshit down there right now..

    Like I say .. it was just a bad and very smelly dream..

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