Photos of Gravelbourg, Fir Mountain, and Wood Mountain

Here’s a sampling of why you’d want to take a drive south of Moose Jaw sometime.
I left Wood Mountain on Sunday afternoon
Wood Mountain

Drove by Fir Mountain not too long later.
Fir Mountain

Arrived in Gravelbourg under an hour later, after passing Thompson Lake and Lafleche too. Dodged a few potholes along the way north of Lafleche.
Saw the familiar water tower in the distance

Had supper and ice cream at the Snack Shack. It had been renamed Junction 101 for a while under different owners, but later switched back under other owners who used the familiar name.

Gravelbourg is probably best known for its cathedral, or its french speaking population.

I should have taken this photo, by the train station (that is now a private house), in black and white

On the way up to Moose Jaw, I stopped at the Old Wives Lake historic roadside pull-off for some sunset photos. I don’t remember if this one is false colour or not, but it’s pretty close to what it looked like
Old Wives Lake

And here’s the museum south of Moose Jaw by 5 minutes, the one with the ship and the elevator they moved there.
Moose Jaw

3 responses to “Photos of Gravelbourg, Fir Mountain, and Wood Mountain

  1. I’m currently writing a story that takes place in Fir Mountain. It’s a fictional story, so obviously not historically or even geographically accurate, although I’m trying to keep everything in close proximity as accurate as possible.

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