ConCalls: Waiting For Nothing #RoboCon

As many bloggers have suspected for months, there’s no serious investigation into over 230 ridings across Canada regarding the robocalls scandal. Elections Canada is supposed to be working on more than 1300 credible complaints of fraudulent phonecalls during the 2011 general election on May 2, but they can only produce homework done on one riding (Guelph). This is a bloody scandal; evidence that our democracy (electoral system) isn’t being defended by the Elections Canada commissioner it’s been entrusted to.

Elections Canada has effectively ignored sweeping reports that our electoral system was under attack by still unknown Conservative-supporters pretending to be Elections Canada in hundreds of ridings, and Liberals in 1 (Guelph) who fessed-up to illegal robocalls that failed to identify the source of their issue-based call. Almost two years since the crime took place, is too long to pass before the Federal Court hears the Council of Canadians’ evidence regarding 7 ridings’ elections which included demonstrable irregularities that could have changed the result on election night.

This means my collection of facts, recordings, production orders, is probably as much evidence as Elections Canadas’ professional investigators have amassed. Still on the to-get list is CIMS’ backup from April and May of last year, and the RMG call logs [link added Nov. 5, ’12] to prove or disprove the Thunder Bay affidavit by the former RMG employee.

RoboCon can be solved like a math proof.

I’m not talking about Jean Chretien’s proof definition, I mean using facts and accepted logical inference rules to connect those facts into a proof that shows the Conservatives were behind the bulk of illegal calls (all except the Liberal’s calls they confessed to).

ADDED: Look at what evidence Kady covered not long after.

Insane gloating from the man (Prescott) linked by an IP address and Proxy to the same computer Poutine used:

We know which major companies were phone calling, and what party databases they were using, and even which voters were not targeted with misdirection calls on as great a scale as Liberals, NDP, and Greens. It should not take even a month for Elections Canada to put some serious heat on the party most likely covering its tracks, yet it’s been 6 months since the story broke into the National Post in a big second wave since election day. When citizens, lawyers, and newspapers ask to see Elections Canadas’ work thus far, they are 1/230th complete, if that (after first refusing to show their work). It’s totally unacceptable, and heads had better roll. Soon.


7 responses to “ConCalls: Waiting For Nothing #RoboCon

  1. I’m not at all clear how the 2011 election fraud differs forensically from many other crimes or felonies, aside from the odd secrecy & parliamentary protocol of Elections Canada.. the supposed watchdog agency the crime is being examined by.

    Deduction, investigation, inference, evidence, testimony, logic, lateral thinking, observation, teamwork, door doors, databases, and procedure.. must all be put in play. Yet one would think that in an electoral fraud with live and robo call suppression, federally comprehensive, ie sea to sea, sharply targeted and effective, there would be many many clues and many many participants.. or at the very least, a lot of witnesses and a very obvious electronic or digital trail.

    Inference is a constant and effective approach to crime investigation when witnesses are intimidated or unidentified. Many crimes do not provide a fingerprint, a weapon, eyewitness or an obvious motive.. thus the investigators must seek clues, motives, reasons, background, background witnesses etc..

    Its always likely that an incisive and flawless investigation will utilize ‘inference’ to build its list of persons to depose or interview or lean on, or just plain squeeze. That’s how successful or effective investigations work. The question has become.. what to make of Elections Canada and its investigation ? Is it true north strong and free ? Supported by law abiding politicians ? Or is it for some odd reason, compromised.. in thrall or fear of The Conservative Party of Canada or The Harper Government?

    Is this agency currently drilling down through the obstruction, the bluster, and the firewalls? Will it reveal the conspiracy to groom and assault an unsuspecting and vulnerable electorate in ways that attacked the principal of free and fair Canadian votes during an election?

    Well .. someone is going to win here.. and someone will lose here.
    The perps will completely get away with it… widespread electoral fraud
    or Elections Canada will catch them, identify them..

    My inference is that they will be betrayed or discovered.. the perps that is.
    And that the country… uh, Canada Eh will not be completely betrayed

    In the complete absence of truth and evidence .. or brave witnesses
    a little inference goes a long way.

    We have obvious motive, we have a crime and victims, we have the means.. and the device. We have a lot of extremely illuminating facts. We can clearly see who is the beneficiary..

    Uh oh .. the ‘authorities’ ,, the government etc are the prime, denying and blustering main supporters of the theory that in fact, nothing happened.!! Its all good, its a majority government, so quit whining, showing all Canadians how transparency, accountability and good government works. Now there’s a conundrum for a so called democracy …

  2. So at this juncture we are left now with only two chances for the robocall scandal to be outed and brought to justice.
    The Council of Canadians court case.
    Brian-Michel Larue.

    I’m extremely disappointed with this news about EC, I had thought they were fully investigating the calls. But this sounds like there has never been a full investigation initiated.

    Is it now up to private citizens to hold the government to the law?

    • I have no confidence in LaRue anymore to do anything of value, so that leaves it to the CoC and citizens otherwise causing a scene and keeping it in the media in the limited way it has been. Democracy Watch is also pursuing Elections Canada’s coverup.

      I’d hoped EC had more than just the two investigators pursuing leads, but obviously that was not taking place all of these six months since February when it ramped up the investigation supposedly. What a bloody disgrace, and disaster for Canadian democracy!

  3. Brian-Michel has fallen off my radar screen, as has the brilliant Emily Dee. I keep hoping they are both under the safe council of Eddie Greenspan, and in good health. Perhaps someone has heard from them.

    Emily’s and are possibly the most comprehensive sources for understanding the 5 W’s of how we ended up with The Harper Government .. and political dinosaurs, hacks and lobbyists stalking the halls of parliament.

    The Council of Canadians is a high profile breath of fresh air, and perhaps the mainstream media will respond to being conveniently fed the news by extremely serious and capable litigators and their investigations on behalf of their clients and almost all Canadians. Hopefully, all Canadians will come to know how ‘vote moving’, vote suppression, electoral ‘grooming’, unregulated data bases, phone scripts, election polls and lust for power – fear of losing all have led to an assault on a fair vote and honest elections… and wave good bye to democracy.

    Iceland managed to accomplish what will likely be required in Canada. and Norway seems to have figured out how to manage petroleum resources without needing to be an ‘energy superpower’, buying F35’s, secrecy, hiring foreign electoral services or muzzling science and stifling democracy. So there are exemplars out there. The First Nations will likely define how environment and people are more powerful than pollution and greed.

    The Harper Government is already decaying and at any time, a scandal, a disclosure, a hinky bank account, a phone trace, or an obstructed scientific study could send it reeling, along with the fetid baggage train of The Conservative Party. Just the shrill juvenile language of Arthur Hamilton, and spokesperson Fred DeLorey and numerous underlings regarding cases before the courts makes that clear. These are not men.. they are mouths. The sanctimonious pronouncements from weakling cabinet ministers come from the same obstructionist scripts. This is the party, the government of delusion.. trying to sell, hype and legislate a dark and mean illusion.

    Does anyone believe that a single person from this government or its supporters should end up on a commemorative Canadian postage stamp after they either return to being a lame duck minority government, or are tossed from power in disgrace? OK .. I take that back.. certainly Pierre Poutine may be the first.. and only.

    On what basis could any of them deserve such honor? What would be the related imagery or context? Peter Mackay boarding a military chopper? Vic Toews? Ezra Levant barking? Joe Oliver riding a pipeline? Ray Novak? Keith Ashfield eating a diseased salmon? Tony Clement under a gazebo? American robocallers, Julian Fantino? Peter Kent with a dead wolf? Senator Finley making a bank transfer? Dean Del Mastro heroically blustering? Stephen Harper shaking hands with the head of Chinese Security ?

    Stand well clear when this filthy structure collapses on top of itself.. and watch what tries to crawl away. it won’t be pretty.

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