Tell Me What Music to Buy

I have 7 days left to use 35 iTunes song credits. Give me suggestions of independent, or Saskatchewan (or Canadian) musicians who need more money and make great music. I want these credits to be putting scratch in the pockets of undervalued musicians especially.

If you don’t know anything other than what appears on Z99 or your local pop radio station, now’s your chance to read and see what else is out there. There’s more than just 1 Direction and Gotye worth listening to, believe it or not.


7 responses to “Tell Me What Music to Buy

  1. Yo. I highly recommend prairie blues singer, Little Miss Higgins from Nokomis, Sask

    As well as bluegrass masters, The DeRangers based out of Wpg but with Saskatchewan roots:

  2. My dear friend Andrea House from Edmonton is a stunning singer/songwriter. I recommend her two albums “Heart’s Hotel” or “The Same Inside”. You’ll be glad you gave her a listen – she rocked the Edmonton Folk Fest this year, and is destined for stardom. Also, her husband Chris Smith (who produced her albums) has an album with his group The Almost Leather Band.

    Enjoy! And thanks for giving me a chance to promote 2 of my favourite Edmonton treasures!

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