ConCalls: Defending Election Fraud is the Right Thing to Do #RoboCon

I’m giving you the following because you too deserve to be irritated by “The Incurious”. Among them is a supposed journalist who should know it’s not very Canadian to call people speaking out against election fraud schemes “liars”.

Saskboy said…

Considering the evidence made public thus far, you’ve identified the wrong person as a liar.

We know, from multiple media interviews, that people got live-calls misdirecting them, after they were identified as non-Conservative voters. If RMG was not involved, you, and they, must have some other CIMS accessing phone bank of live-callers in mind to pin this on? Otherwise our friends at Conservative-friendly call centres are left holding the bag on this one, even without Annette’s bold testimony to stand up to alleged election fraudsters whom you’ve eagerly jumped to the defence of.

Where are the recordings to prove RMG’s version? Release a few of those, and that’d put this to rest, no?

Also, the script says that polls have moved. Elections Canada explicitly told parties not to include that in their phonecalls. Worse for the Conservatives, there were no poll changes in six of the seven challenged ridings, so the script was flawed, or more likely, has been faked. A real journalist would note those important details.

Long time readers may recognize that ridiculous Conservative as having wanted opposition parties to be found in contempt for opposing an omnibus bill. In short, I wouldn’t give much (any) credence to what he has to say on politics.

Also terrible on fraud-booster-Friday, was P. Ross claiming the Federal Court should not hear evidence after a deadline. P. Ross recently lost a libel trial, in part for failing to submit any defense in time. The irony was too great for me, and I pointed this out to him along with the fact that his credibility is lacking since a court found him to not be credible in nasty things he’s said about Canadian Cynic. In response, he insulted my intelligence and honesty, while decrying my Ad Hominem attack on his (lacking) credibility and failed attempt at logic. I don’t have much patience for people who defend election fraudsters, and neither should you.

The #elxnfraud boosters who inspired this blog post:

The incurious, as Susan describes them:


8 responses to “ConCalls: Defending Election Fraud is the Right Thing to Do #RoboCon

  1. There is nothing beneath Harper’s dignity he won’t do, to stay in office. Harper knew over 50% of Canadians, did not want Harper as P.M. I firmly believe Harper cheated to win. Since the robo-call scam, over 3/4 and counting Canadians, believe Harper used the robo-call cheat to win. He is using every dirty tactic in the book, to quash the investigation. The robo-call cheat, is far from the first time Harper has used, dirty tactics and dirty politics. Just ask Gordon Campbell.

  2. So let me get this straight: you go to the blog of a real journalist, post some of your usual baseless accusations drawn from your usual child-like unconditional acceptance of any old theory (no matter how far-fetched or unlikely) that your fellow left-wingers are parroting today, GET YOUR ASS HANDED TO YOU, then scurry back here (tail between your legs) to the relative safety of your own blog where you can badmouth and insult a guy who is at least twice as intelligent as you without fear of him making you look even dumber…is that about right?

    I knew you were a whack-job, son (most people do)…didn’t know you were a such a shameless coward, though. Grow a pair, loser…

    • I haven’t been back to his site, I had a nice weekend instead. I also didn’t finish reading your comment, it’s never worthwhile to give too much time to people who defend election fraud.

    • Hey Grandpa,

      Why all the insults? Why the intemperate language? Nothing you say should be taken seriously since you’re obviously dealing with serious anger-management issues.

      I’m going to the fainting couch now. And I shan’t be back for a while. Spare us anymore of your spittle-flecked tirades old-timer.

  3. Saskboy,

    Heaven knows that I don’t want to appear censorious. But all Grandpa from BC ever does is show up to pompously insult you or anyone who agrees with you, before gutlessly slinking off to look at child pornography.

    Maybe it’s time to give codger-butt an ultimatum. Either he backs up his words with an argument or he can screw off.

    (Just a suggestion.)

  4. Ah yes. That’s true. I’d like to think that guy learned a lesson in humility. He knew his talking points, but he was so fucking obnoxious. If someone made the smallest error he was all: “BWA-HA-HA-HA! LOSER!” But when it was shown that he was wrong he’d lapse into cowardly silence. Cowardice is one of “Fred from BC’s” defining features though, and I suppose that I wrote that for him really.

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