ConCalls: “Categorically False” #RoboCon

Andrew Langhorne, COO of RMG has claimed in court documents that his business did not do what was stated in another affidavit made by a former employee of his company. A Twitter account that appears to be his, has only three tweets, all re-tweets of people saying RMG didn’t participate in illegal voter suppression phone calls.

What I think is most interesting is that he admits RMG told voters where to vote [link added Nov. 5, ’12] in their script, despite explicit direction from Elections Canada not to do so. Also important to recognize is that the script means ridings were called where no changes were made at all, so there would have been no legitimate or sensible reason to include that portion in calls made to 6 of the 7 challenged ridings.

In order to avoid confusion during the campaign, Elections Canada asked all the parties not to give voters the addresses of polling stations. The agency has advised the council that polling stations were moved in only one of the seven ridings in the lawsuit.

So Langhorne’s claim looks totally bogus and self serving to me. Since we know there were illegal live calls made in the country, where did they come from, if not from a company where a former employee has sworn in court documents that she and others were told to make them by her former employer? Who else had the capacity and capability to phone Conservative non-supporters with misleading poll information? Where’s the other smoking gun? You’d think Langhorne would have hired a Private Investigator even by now to find that other phone calling rogue, since his butt is on the line?

The Conservatives have filed several motions seeking to have the case thrown out of court.

Last month, federal prothonotary Martha Milczynski rejected one such motion, which argued that the case was frivolous and vexatious: “Far from being frivolous or vexatious, or an obvious abuse, the applications raise serious issues about the integrity of the democratic process in Canada and identify practices that, if proven, point to a campaign of activities that would seek to deny eligible voters their right to vote and/or manipulate or interfere with that right being exercised freely.”

When will this super-important case be decided? Well, not until this Winter, at a yet to be determined date. WTF? Our country’s democracy is up in the air, and the courts are going to wait for four season changes since the story broke into the mainstream last February, before they hear part of the case? That’s so frucking ridiculous; as if they could possibly have something more urgent than the legitimacy of our federal government!

In a five-day hearing this winter, yet to be scheduled, the lawyers will also discuss another Conservative motion that seeks to stop the case because of “champerty of maintenance,” a legal doctrine that forbids parties from interfering in third parties’ lawsuits. The Conservatives filed a 690-page affidavit in support of that application.

Earlier this month, Conservative lawyers opposed a motion for Shyrbman that seeks to have Elections Canada produce evidence about its investigation into deceptive calls in the last election.

Tories trying to block new evidence
How can a national news headline contain that phrase, and there not be nation-wide alarm and outrage? I’m still deeply concerned our country has been lost.

The Conservatives also now want deposit money to be paid for the Federal Court to hear the case. A quarter million dollars are required to keep Canada a democracy? Will a political party step up to fund this surety? Are they allowed?


Meanwhile Dean Del Mastro appears to be getting away with writing big unexplained cheques to his campaign, and allegations that his campaign paid people to donate money.


9 responses to “ConCalls: “Categorically False” #RoboCon

  1. The Toronto Star–canada-immigration-minister-jason-kenney-to-announce-ukraine-vote-observers .. and Kady in Ottawa sez so too . The Harper Government is sending 500 people to The Ukraine to act as electoral watch guards and help with transparency and more accountable government .. and help ensure a fair election. I assume Andrew Langhorne is categorically high on the list (data base expertise and advanced phone call modalities) along with Del Mastro and his cousin, Fantino as well for expertise on how to raise campaign funds and open multiple bank accounts, surely Poutine him/her self will make the cut as we all know now that elections need a bit of mystery. The Harper Government can certainly advise on the fine points of ‘getting out the vote’. Some lawyers like Arthur Hamilton can advise on legal obstruction techniques and thunderous denial and bluster.

    I would think Canada’s concerned, ethical, transparent, accountable government might want to put those 500 electorally experienced folks to work on the strange mystery surrounding Canada’s very own ridiculous and fraudulent federal election that has stunned and disheartened the nation.. but then again, it does seem the Harper Government feels that nothing untoward in fact’ happened .. in fact .. categorically …

  2. Harper had a many times convicted criminal working for him, Bruce Carson. He was just arrested for influence peddling. Harper’s words. I don’t know why I didn’t know Carson was a criminal. Turns out Harper did know, and hired him anyway. Criminals do have their uses for Harper. They willingly do Harper’s dirty work for him. Just ask Gordon Campbell. He is every bit as disgusting as, Bruce Carson and Harper.

    It doesn’t matter how many dirty tactics, dirty politics Harper uses, he will always be the worst, most corrupt and evil P.M. in the recorded history of this Nation.

    Harper has been a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics, and forever known as, the P.M. who cheated to win.

    William Corbett of Elections Canada, suddenly resigned. In his place, Harper installed one of his own boys, Yves Corte. We all know what that means. Harper is cheating again to win.

    Same with the election riding disputes. Harper has appointed, two new Conservative judges. What are the odds, one of Harper’s new judges throws it out of court?

    This is what I mean. Harper’s dirty tactics and dirty politics. An out and out traitor to this country.

  3. The Harper Regime is presenting one impediment after another with both the court challenges and the EC investigations. These are not the actions of an innocent party. Why appeal the Opitz decision – it’s not like he’s a high profile Cabinet member? Why place so many obstacles on the Council of Canadians challenge – it’s not like the 7 seats (along with the potential Opitz seat) would necessarily lose them the majority? If they trust that their cadre of newbie MPs won based on their merits, let the case proceed. Why is RMG backtracking – why not clear their professional reputation?

    All these actions strike me as an admission of INTENSE concern. If these cases proceed, and investigations are properly conducted, Harper’s worst fear is that none of this will be at the feet of individual ridings but proven a concerted national effort to ensure a majority.

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