Martian Automobile Association

MAA membership card, Martian Automobile Association membership card
Years ago I created the Martian Automobile Association (MAA), and tried selling memberships on eBay. I forget if I managed to sell any membership cards, but remember creating at least one (and have a photo of it), so I probably did. That member hasn’t stayed in touch, probably because they never managed to put one of their vehicles on the fourth planet to make use of the piece of mind my MAA provides.

Martian Automobile Association

 Don’t be caught on Mars without us!

Membership Booklet

If you are planning on traveling to the Red Planet before 2030, be sure to take your MAA card with you.

Member benefits [only available on Mars]:

  • Rover towing to nearest Mars base, or Platform
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen/Plutonium fuel supply delivered in emergencies
  • Microsoft Blue Screen Of Death insurance
  • Planetary impact insurance up to $2,500,000,000US
  • Access to the toll free MAA help line 1-555-GOT-MARS?
  • Radiation poisoning antidote
  • Babelfish and Google Translate for alien language translation
  • Thermal blanket
  • “Beam Me Up Scotty” transportation in emergencies
  • Sand King Hotel discounts

Martian Automobile Association Pack, Membership package

Membership card photo courtesy of JPL Spirit, and Computer_Saskboy

Of course my renewed interest in the MAA is NASA’s recent #MSL and Curiosity rover that successfully touched down yesterday.


2 responses to “Martian Automobile Association

  1. Now see hear, Saskboy. When planet Earth is killed off, we may have to settle on Mars. We want no dirty fossil fuels burned on Mars. So I hope you have an alternative, for fossil fuel powered vehicles. Or your Automobile Association Company, will go bust.

    However, it is truly amazing, Curiosity landed safely on Mars.

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