ConCalls: Show The Cards Elections Canada #RoboCon

A lawyer is trying to compel Elections Canada to release more public details of its super slow investigation into the election fraud from May 2011. Apparently the next date we’ll have any news from the Federal Court is August 8th.

In the meantime, the greatest crime against this country in modern times goes unpunished, as our illegitimate government rolls on as our elections enforcement agency flounders. How could there be no charges (and no investigation anymore) for the 2008 Robocalls in SG-I that pretended to be from the NDP? Where is the charge against Pierre Poutine, now that Burke’s Conservative campaign contractor Prescott had been found to have used the same computer as Poutine? Where are the charges against Dean Del Mastro, his cousin, and campaign manager, now that it’s been shown in the media that the campaign overspent, faked a return, and was allegedly funded using an illegal payback scheme? Where are the charges against company executives accused of organizing fraudulent live-calls that misdirected non-Conservative voters? Where is the damned enforcement! Enforce the Damned Law!

UPDATE: The Conservative’s lawyer wants the court to ignore evidence Elections Canada can provide because he’s concerned it would delay the case! More confirmation that the Conservative Party is devoted to the Death of Evidence.


Bad weather comes by every week this Summer.


I watched “The Muppets” [6/10], half in Victoria Park Wed. night. It was alright, although the music was uninspiring for the most part, and thus the show overall wasn’t fantastic like it could have been.


2 responses to “ConCalls: Show The Cards Elections Canada #RoboCon

  1. These are the dirty tactics and the dirty politics, I was talking about. Harper is a traitor to our country, destroying our Democracy, our Civil Rights and Liberty’s and our Freedom of Speech. Selling us out to Communist China, because of Harper’s disgusting greed.

    William Corbett of Elections Canada suddenly resigned?? Harper installed one of his own henchman, Yves Corte in Corbett’s place. Harper is desperate to quash the robo-call election cheat fraud. Harper can’t win with honesty, so he uses dirty tactics

    Same with the election riding disputes. Harper is appointing two new Conservative judges, one appointment is in August. I firmly believe, one of Harper’s judges, will throw that investigation out of court, or favor Harper. He is also desperate to stop that investigation as well.

    Harper and his ranting raving ministers, have been a litany of, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty tactics, dirty politics, and they certainly don’t mind cheating to win. That asinine omnibus bill, the entire lot of them, should be kicked off the planet. There is also, the brain dead crime bill.

    After the whopper lie Harper is caught in, regarding criminal Bruce Carson, why is that monster still in office? Well over 3/4 and counting Canadians, believe Harper used the robo-call cheat to win the election. We don’t give a damn how Harper tries to lie his way out of, either one of his dastardly deeds. Harper belongs in prison.

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