Last week I didn’t know Chick-Fil-A existed, or how to say it. I wish I still didn’t. That sack of meat, dirt bag owner of the chain is welcome to cluck right off.

What sort of faux-Christianity is it to use the Bible to fill a capitalist business after they express hatred toward a much abused minority group? Why wouldn’t that effort be put toward filling food bank coffers for that same rally day?

It’s a prime example of hate preventing love from making the world a better place, and it’s being lauded by the very influential people who should know, and lead better.


On second thought, it’s more likely that Jesus would have stood in line while cussing homosexuals, just like everyone else doing what conservative politicians told them to do, then filled his face with greasy chicken sandwich to support the right of a wealthy man to hate freely by spending money on groups whose aim it is to eliminate gay people. WWJD? That, obviously.

Sooner or later these hateful twerps like Santorum, Huckabee, and Michelle Bachman will realize that their hatred for an estimated 1/10th of the American public (if not higher due to all of the heterosexual people who get along with homosexual people just fine), is part of the reason why they will never be serious contenders for President [even as Republicans].


8 responses to “Chick-Fil-H8

  1. I completely agree. I was so baffled when I heard about the anti-gay message communicated by Chick-Fil-A. What does fried chicken have to do with homosexuality, and even politics for that matter? I know I will think twice before eating there again, though I have to admit I don’t eat there often due to their HUGE support for stay at home, uber-Christian mothers with their home schooled children. They annoy me. I’d much rather dine with a room full of homosexuals.

    Mistress M

  2. The Bible says to kill homosexuals. (That’s why I don’t base my life on it.) I don’t know what it says about polyester. I do know that it also criticizes rich people. Modern-day US-American Christianity is a toxic soup of incoherence, hatred and contradictions. And it infects most of the population.

  3. I grew up with Chik-fil-a. it was one of my favorite places to eat. I was thrilled when after I moved up north they started opening restaurants. The business is run well, the restaurants are universally clean (not a claim I’d normally make but I’ve never seen one that was even remotely dirty, mostly they gleam). And the food is good – fresh, consistent. Even the original sandwich is delicious, and not soaking in grease like most friend chicken. For years I’ve used it to fulfill my rare cravings for friend chicken because the portions are reasonable, and you can always get a little salad as your side for those times you resist the also delicious waffle fries.

    I grew up in the deep south. I knew Chik-fil-a restaurants weren’t open on Sundays. I knew it was for religious reasons, but I found it kind of touching. That means every employee – in a fast-food chain – had a weekend day off every week without fail. It seemed like – and still does – seem like a good idea.

    Plus as the new restaurants began opening up north, I noticed that most of the franchises were opened and managed by ethnic families, often more recent immigrants. Though it was a chain, they seemed happy about the restaurants, each had a real sense of ownership that showed.

    So I’ve never really had a problem with them. Heck, I normally resist the evil eyebrow of hatred when it’s raised in my direction. I’m attuned to it. Yet I ignored the first reports of the funds they were giving to groups like NOM and Focus on the Family. I told myself – and friends – that it didn’t matter to me.

    Boy, was I dumb. I thought I was so much smarter than that by now, burned in the past by the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell travesty, the anti-gay amendment in Cincinatti Ohio that was eventually overturned by the Supreme Court. All those years of learning to see it coming and placing myself outside of the crossfire, only to have people I’ve known for decades suddenly beating their chest over celebrating the Chik-Fil-a hate-fest like it’s a badge of honor, posting photos on facebook, bragging about taking their children. Oh, they’ve won now! They can proclaim their exclusivity with wild abandon, even as they tell themselves – and others – that they have gay friends (yours truly).

    This week has brought a lot of long buried feelings to the surface. I’m still processing it, but in the end it’s the nudge I think I needed to question who is really my “friend.” I’m sure I’m not alone in facing that dilemma. But sometimes you have to face the facts. It isn’t pretty out there right now, and I fear it good get worse before it does indeed get better.

  4. Not sure how fried chicken became friend chicken, not once but repeatedly.

    I wasn’t trying to be too cute by half ;).

  5. Actually, the Biblical references against homosexuality were in the Old testament. Along with stoning adulterers etc. Supposedly, Jesus died to absolve us from those sins. It’s just that Fundies cherry pick their bible. If all the crazed old laws from the old testament were still taken seriously it would be madness.

  6. I heard the comments the CEO made against same sex couples and I was horrified. The comments were insulting, derogatory, inflammatory, hurtful and defamatory to say the least.

    Don’t get me wrong, I fully support free speech but in this case it was not even close to being free speech. The comments were made under the guise of religion and were made in a manner that was designed to incite hatred towards an identifiable group.

    I believe that the government has a duty to punish the CEO in order to set a deterrent that will protect same sex couples from this type of discrimination and hatred.

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