BP Doesn’t Pay

BP isn’t repairing the damage it caused in the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, it was easy to predict that. Enbridge didn’t clean up the huge spill in Wisconsin. Yet these sorts of companies get billions of dollars in government subsidies, despite huge profits they are allowed to keep even though they cost the government billions in lost economic potential from destroyed environments.

Oil companies have become the worst neighbours imaginable. They party all night long, keep bonfires going all night, trash the neighbourhood, and if you call the police on them, the police come to your door instead. They also ran over your pet duck, and blamed you for not keeping better tabs on it.

4 responses to “BP Doesn’t Pay

  1. They also use money they save from not fully cleaning up their spills to run expensive ads to tell the public how much they care about the environment and, in ‘BP’s case, to tell everyone what a great job they did(n’t) do cleaning up the gulf. Listening to their ads, one could almost imagine that Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida’s coasts are better than ever!

  2. The BC people did not ask Premier Redford for her precious money. Christy Clark did. We are only too happy, for Premier Redford to keep her precious money, and her dirty, lethal chemical laced Bitumen out of BC and our sea. We will not assist in the buyout and control of the tar sands to Communist China.

    What a gall of Redford to try and force the dirty oil onto BC. She just had some pipeline bursts in her own province, that were utter disasters. Enbridge just had ANOTHER spill in Wisconsin.

    BC is a province of mudslides, that recently caused deaths. There are rockslides, avalanches, which Justin Trudeau lost his brother to, here in BC. There are earthquakes, and swift flooded rivers, that carry away homes and highways, as we speak. How does Enbridge get through 15 feet of snow, in BC’s vast wilderness? They won’t and we know that, all too well.

    The sea to Kitimat Port, is one of the most treacherous in the world. this is a northern port, that has hurricane force winds every other day. There are wave up to 30 to 50 feet high. there are rogue waves over 80 feet, that come out of no-where. The channel narrow, the tankers massive, that have to do hairpin turns.It takes three miles, to stop one of those behemoth tankers.

    This spring, there were three freighters, that got caught in one of those bad storms. The storm tore their cargo off. It took hours for Search and Rescue, to reach one stricken ship. They all had to turn back, and limp into BC harbors.

    There is a ferry that sank, that is still leaking fuel. No-one wants to clean that up either. There is still oil gathering on the rocks, from the Valdez spill, over 22 years ago. That didn’t get cleaned up. The Valdez spill, is a teacup spill, compared to one of those huge tankers.

    The BC and the F.N. people, will fight these atrocities, right to the last ditch.

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