Bruce Carson Charged

Designed as expiring news on a Friday in the middle of Summer, instead of last Winter when the report on his alleged guilt was complete, these charges come a year too late. Bruce Carson was accepted into the Prime Minister’s Office and his personal influence circle despite previous fraud convictions. Why? Because the PMO wants to learn from people with experience in the realm of conning and oil huckstering.

If you want to catch up on who Bruce Carson is, and why he’s so important to exposing the rot in the Prime Minister’s Office, you simply must read some work by The Sixth Estate.

In March, it looked to me as if this day wouldn’t come. So, what changed? I’m not sure, but I’d like to know. And I’d like to see the RCMP start laying Elections Act charges when Elections Canada fails to act in a timely manner.

8 responses to “Bruce Carson Charged

    • Except for leaving out the pesky little fact that it was the Prime Minister’s Office who called the RCMP to report the allegations that led to these charges (you’d never hear that from Saskboy, of course)…

      • Which means either Carson offended the imperial leader or his work was so sloppy that it was going to be found out by the press. My guess is the first, since its clear that the emperor is willing to suffer crooks like Del Mastro as long as they still are friends. Maybe the dictator learned some good envelope accepting lessons from Mulroney in his meeting lately and was told to throw someone to the lions to distract the people from electoral fraud investigations.

      • There are a couple of pesky little facts left out, Fred, by the Prime Minister and his PMO. Like the fact they were warned by Tory insiders, repeatedly, that Carson was rotten, that he had an extensive past including criminal convictions and that Harper kept him on anyway. Harper likes to contend he didn’t know or didn’t know all of Carson’s background. Bullshit. He knew the lot and yet brought Carson in as his personal adviser.

      • Yes Fred. In the real world, that’s what’s known as “damage control.” APTN was about to go public with what appeared to be a damning case of very clear-cut corruption.

        The PMO, already well informed of Carson’s sleazy past, realized there was no hiding from this new bit of sleazy behaviour.

      • Wrong Fred. It’s not a “pesky” fact, it’s just a fact you can find in the articles I’ve linked to, not covered up as you suggest.

  1. I’ve been trying to track down this guy for months and couldn’t find a thing. Influence peddling, imagine. In the Harper inner sanctum, imagine.

    A very well connected Ottawa Tory insider told me that, from the time Carson got into the PMO, he and plenty of others like him in Ottawa warned the PMO that this guy was nothing but trouble and, for their efforts, they got the cold shoulder. Harper knew all about Carson and, being the smartest may in the room, ignored it all.

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