I’m not a fanatical comic book movie watcher. I did go to see “Batman The Dark Knight Rises” [10/10] Tuesday though, and it was great. It would have helped to have recently viewed the previous movie which is mentioned to some degree, but the story can stand on its own. If you trust your comic instincts, you’ll figure out a few things in the plot too. The only gripe I had was one I have with many action movies, and that’s the music soundtrack, as dramatic as it is, is too LOUD. Batman’s witty retorts are almost inaudible at times, and keep in mind I was watching in an IMAX theatre which should have the best sound mixing. On a home theatre, or ordinary TV, good luck catching the dialogue without blasting out the neighbours with background music and explosions.


Copyright isn’t a fun topic. Why do I talk about it so much then? Because of crap like this. People need to stand up to unjust laws like DMCA, SOPA, and the clones yet to come. A professional writer, who claims that copyright is the reason she can make a living, should know better how it works, right? Of course she should. The problem isn’t that she didn’t know, it’s the copyright (in the States and here) is broken, unfair, and doesn’t respect technological advances. There are ethical questions about using others’ photographs without credit, and I’d never use one and mark it as one of my own, but it should not be a crime to cause a digital copy of a work to appear on your own website. The authors’ advice in points 2, 3, and 5 are sound, but leave the rest behind, and do like the masses and SHARE with pirate impunity.


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