Stolen Bike Alert

My Giant Boulder SE, men’s frame, silver colour bike was stolen from 15th Ave and McTavish St. (Regina) at 2:45pm Saturday; please watch for it.

Stolen Bike

Bike Regina

It had a yellow round reflector hanging loosely from back of seat, rear black plastic fender (but not front fender), and a black headlight, and silver computer/odometer. Says GIANT in blue on the black seat post too. If you see it, please give a description of rider and heading to Regina Police who have a file open for it. Much thanks.

No idea if CAA will honour the $200 theft reward if it’s recovered by you, but I’d try to make them.
My sticker’s message was not heeded by the thief, nor the earlier thieves who took my seat and front wheel in previous months and years.

How far I’d been with this bike in the last year or so since I installed a new odometer ($35)?
Since I got the computer
At least that far, plus 10km more. It’s a tough $500 lesson to learn — always lock even the back wheel so they can’t just ride it off, if it’s out of your sight for even a few minutes out your window (as you’re distracted by the Riders kicking the BC Lions to the curb). My cavalier, brazen attitude to locking it this afternoon while it sat in front of a picture window where me and my aunt were sitting, was only exceeded by the #$*# thief who was more brazen than I, and now has my bike. C’est la vie; doing my part to stimulate Regina’s local economy (and black market, if the thief goes to sell it instead of uses it to travel to and from gainful employment).


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