ConCalls: Delayed Justice, Swift Dismissal

The day after the new Elections Canada commissioner took over the duties of the suddenly retired previous commish Corbett, he’d had his office dismiss photographic evidence of Americans not living in Canada, making inducement phone calls to convince voters to vote for Conservatives. It’s against the law, by a reasonable interpretation of the relevant section. Elections Canada continues its longstanding tradition of failing to enforce the damned Elections Act.

Apparently you can conduct elections crimes in Canada, so long as it’s only very briefly, and you flee back to the country where you came from afterward. Handy for Republican supporters of the Conservatives!

Matthew Bin writes:

This is good news for anyone who wants to move some money offshore for tax evasion purposes. The CRA will just give up on it because the action was short in duration, and a number of the persons involved are outside of Canada.

That is, if CRA’s standards are as abysmally low as Elections Canada’s.

I now have a very bad feeling about the new guy in charge of leading the country to justice after the rampant election fraud reported in 200 of 308 ridings across the country. The question is, how do citizens go about obtaining justice, when the appointed officials in charge of delivering it seem less than interested in enforcing the laws who decide who our elected officials are?

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is set to take its sweet time to decide if a byelection is needed to fix the tainted result rife with irregularities in Etobicoke Centre. There’s an arbitrary deadline of 30 days for a citizen of a riding to complain to a federal court about irregularities Elections Canada doesn’t deem worthy of holding a by-election over. The court has made us wait longer than that for a resolution already, which is shameful. It’s only crucial to our democracy that we have faith that our lawmakers are fairly elected.


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