Friday RoboCon

News goes to die, on Fridays. So today it is appropriate to talk about the biggest news story in the country that doesn’t get the respect or urgent coverage it deserves. It’s only been more than the entire last year that our present government may have been ruling without a legitimate mandate. I’m talking about the election fraud of the Canadian general election, May 2, 2011.

We’ll have to wait until Tuesday before the Supreme Court bothers to first consider telling Canadians if it cares that the MP in Etobicoke Centre might have been sitting in the House illegitimately. Nothing urgent, mind you :-| It’s not like MPs have the power to change all of our laws or anything.


17 responses to “Friday RoboCon

  1. And Liberal leadership candidates NOT paying their leadership debts from three elections ago?


    • Hi Mike!

      And Liberal leadership candidates NOT paying their leadership debts from three elections ago?


      In other words: “B-b-but the Librulllsss!!!”

      Is that going to be the epitaph for you right-wing clowns?

      And, anyway, you don’t see the relative importance of failing to pay party leadership expenses and calling voters and falsely telling them their polling stations have moved to try to discourage them from voting?

      • “B-b-but” nuthin’. No epitaph here except pot meeting kettle and calling it black.

        What is good for me is not for thee? Of course it would be wrong. But which has been proven? Who called who?

        Like I said – crickets, nice big Liberal ones. :D :D

      • Michael,

        So what do YOU think should happen to those scoff-law Liberal leadership candidates?

        So what do YOU think should happen to whoever was making those illegal election calls after they’re identified?

        Do you really equate failure to pay leadership expenses with attempting to suppress the vote?

  2. I watched the video and think you should take it off your site.

    Vote moving would require quite a bit of organization, busing people from conservative ridings to contested ridings, and would be very, very hard to pull of off.

    I’m pretty sure that there was a form a vote moving, but what this video proposes would be amateurish and easily caught out. Now its possible that those 54 contested votes in Etobicoke Centre were moved, but if I was running the cons and trying to cheat that would be my last option. No, if you want to move votes all you need to do is move the borders of ridings, which the conservatives have been doing and continue to do. Its called Gerrymandering.

    Its legal and gives you the same result. Why would you risk jail when you can do the same thing legally?

    If you’re going to make a case against the cons, you can’t come up with weak crap like that video or they’ll make a mockery of it and use it to scorn you until you’re embarrassed and leave.

    Take it off your site.

    • I found it plausible in the present environment. You wouldn’t have to bus people. You just take a bunch of shallow-minded, amoral, anti-democratic fools and morons from the pool of Conservative campaign volunteers and supporters and have them go vote at polling stations in the riding next door.

      If they get caught, the volunteers profess that they were just confused. Campaign headquarters denies any knowledge of what happened, and the Party itself just brazens its way through the way its been doing for years on just about everything. Meanwhile, Elections Canada “investigates” it and puts out a report 5 years later and recommends a nominal fine.

      And it’s not as if partisan hacks like “RedJeff” (who, between bouts of hot, sweaty sex with his parents) hasn’t been going “Har-har!! Blargle-blargle! Conspiracy theories! Har-har-har!” at every call for an inquiry into harper’s criminalitiy anyway.

      [The comment about “RedJeff” having sex with his parents was a baseless smear. I have no idea if he does that or not.]

    • No, GZap. As Thwap said, it’s plausible. I’m not saying it happened last time in an organized fashion, but it’s important for people to be aware of this potential abuse.

      And Thwap, cool-it with the RJ insults, he’s not allowed to post right now, so can’t defend himself here so it’s not acceptable to continue down that road.

      • But why do you think the’d do something so blatantly illegal when they can get the same results through legal gerrymandering?

        Morally bankrupt, yes, but that stupid? Only Del Mastro seems that stupid, most of them seem to be quite wily.

      • Because that’s what the Conservatives have done with Robocon… a blatantly illegal act, with low risk of serious punishment, that didn’t require the open act of gerrymandering.

      • Harper’s first reaction when accused of the robocalls was ‘show me the proof’, which I think is telling. It insinuates that he fully believes they did it and did it well enough that they won’t be caught.

        Its possible they did some low level of vote moving, but actually shipping people around would be not nearly effective (how many ridings would you predict would be close enough to make it worth while) and would require so many people to be involved to make it effective (would you bother doing it for 20 votes, 50 votes, 200 votes – how many votes would you need to even make it worth your while), that risks of being caught out would be too high.

        Maybe it happened in Etobicoke Centre, where they knew it would be close and there are 50-100 votes that weren’t properly registered that could have been moved in. But the liberals haven’t even tried to make that case and I doubt anyone would.

        It just doesn’t sound plausible to me.

      • The process of setting electoral boundaries wasn’t entirely controlled by the harpercons the way the same process is controlled by incumbent political parties in the states.

        I’m not saying this happened. I’m saying it’s plausible. Remember, they think about doing this crap on a full-time, paid basis. The dude in the video gives you enough information as to which ridings are vulnerable.

      • But if you think of the numbers, it really doesn’t sound too plausible.

        Would you bother doing it for 20 votes?
        Could you pull it off if you did it for 200?

      • Gzap,

        I’m not going to shout it from the roof-tops, but do I think that video outlines a possible harpercon tactic for sabotaging democracy? Yes.

        It would also be possible to employ it in accompaniment with other tactics of fraud and voter suppression.

  3. Election Canada is a neutral referee ? Why are they not giving details of voter problems in Etobicoke’s other 190 polls ? Has Elections Canada seriously looked at the entire riding results in last 14 months ?
    ” concluding that 79 voters ** ( at 10 polls CHECKED … 190 polls NOT CHECKED in Etobicoke riding ) ** cast ballots without evidence that they were properly cleared to do so. That’s more than three times Mr. Opitz’s 26-vote margin of victory.”

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