San Diego’s Big Bay Bust

I’ve witnessed two big American 4th of July fireworks shows, in New York ’02 and San Diego ’10. The San Diego show two years ago lasted at least 20 minutes, and we watched it from a hill near PB. While there we also heard people talk about ice blocking down the hill, one story resulted in someone bailing out and the ice block hitting a car. Charges ensued for that failed sledder.
San Diego Fireworks 2010
– It should look like this

Last night’s show in San Diego was a spectacular failure, with a computer program accidentally setting off every firework at once, instead of spaced out among twenty minutes. I’m surprised the amplified explosion didn’t cause any reported damage (other than to egos and expectations).



What’s better, just another fireworks show, or the #EpicFail show, famous around the world?

Software testing is something moderately important for a big show. What glitches will we see during the Olympic Games this year?


2 responses to “San Diego’s Big Bay Bust

  1. You’re in San Diego? How did you get there? You didn’t inject loads of CO2 into the atmosphere, did you? I hope you bought some indulgences from Saint Gore…

    • No, wasn’t there this year, went on vacation two years ago. I inject loads of CO2 every day, like most North Americans. I don’t buy indulgences typically, but I do advocate for solutions instead of the broken status quo.

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