Lost Train

I was all set to write something, great I’m sure, and had to do something before I started typing. I came back to this page, and I’d forgotten what exactly I wanted to write about!

Instead, I’m remembering parts of a dream I had two nights ago, which was more of a nightmare, but also an adventure. I was traveling on Highway 13 west of Assiniboia, and I was with someone else in the vehicle I think. The strange thing was that 13 was no longer the little two lane highway, but was more like a freeway system, on tall bridges over treacherous rivers and swampland underneath the roads. Some disaster was underway, and the roads were failing, and I could see huge gaps in them as vehicles were plunging to doom below. Somehow, impossibly I made it to Assiniboia, and some other emergency was underway, and no one was able to deal with the impassable highway to the west.

I can still see the birds-eye-view of the highway, in its technicolour horror, as cars screech to a stop too late to avoid tipping into the void.

I don’t think I was having a premonition, really.


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