Friends in High Places

Medals for everyone! It’s good that she’s so proud of her public service that brought her the public recognition, as to be so shy as to decline to speak about it all.

Neither Byrne nor the Conservative party media office responded to requests for comment.

It is unclear what Byrne has done to earn her the medal, beyond steering the Conservatives to a majority government after two minority election wins.

To qualify, nominees must be Canadian citizens who “made a significant contribution to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada, or an achievement abroad that brings credit to Canada.”

Byrne also hasn’t had any comments on the court documents that point to a Conservative campaign’s robocalls in the last election.


An unrelated country music song about the end of Canada as we know it:


5 responses to “Friends in High Places

  1. There are 60,000 medals being handed out for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee… roughly 1 for every 500 Canadians. It’s nothing more than a feel good exercise. Who gets the medals are determined thus: “Nominations can come from the Prime Minister’s Office, MPs’ offices, premiers’ offices, or one of dozens of so-called “partner organizations” — charities, advocacy and lobby groups and trade associations.” (from the cite). Heck my wifes company gets to hand out over 30 of them!!!!!

    “Of 60,000 medals handed out, the Prime Minister’s Office is able to name 200 recipients, with another 30 medals each apportioned to every MP and Senator.” (including QDP and Lieberal ones!!!)

    It is pure partisan politics that crybabies have to wet themselves over who gets the Cracker Jack prizes in the box!!! Har har!!!

    Then again, it’s par for the whiney ‘opposition’ course!!!!

    • No one knows what you mean by “QDP”, it doesn’t exist.

      You’ve not provided any reason Byrne deserves a medal either, instead you’ve said the only other people who get them are people you despise, including people in a political party that only exists in your twisted mind.

      Any further comments from you until at least Monday next week, will be deleted without being read, so don’t waste your time (or mine). Have a good Canada Day outside, troll.

      UPDATE: And that’s a wrap folks. RedJefff won’t be joining us again anytime soon, he’s got an extended vacation for more abusive comments left. Enjoy your time away RedJefff. Now he’ll have more time to start his own blog for his ranting, made up political parties, and useless commentary.

      I’ll ask others not to speak of our departed troll after this point, as it wouldn’t be fair to him since he can’t respond with insulting comebacks.

      For background on why RedJefff has had his commenting privileges revoked, you only need to see how he threatened me with a lawsuit on his very first day commenting on my blog.
      And it pretty much got worse over the months, to where he left more comments on my blog than I did. The only unfortunate thing is that he gets off on getting banned.
      “It took me 4 days to get banned commenting on Gleikgate!” – RedJeff.

      • All for the better. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for quite some time, but he never replied to any direct questions, so it became apparent he wasn’t interested in dialog, only confrontation.

        Thanks for doing that.

        I’m still wondering if Brian-Michel Larue is ever going to show up again, preferably with ebook. Even if it is summer, we could use it.

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