Accountability in Conservative Government

Do you know what I love about Stephen Harper? He wants [wanted?] Canadians to hold politicians accountable. Let’s get right on that please, and stand up for Canada.

Brazeau is the sort of guy you wouldn’t want your daughter (or son) to end up working with. What a stress-ball that guy is! Who is responsible for his position of power? Stephen Harper. Who will voters have to hold accountable, since they can’t vote someone else into Brazeau’s public position? Hint: ____n Har___.


Meanwhile, Dean Del Mastro is in deeper doo-doo.
Donations to his campaign were refunded by his brother’s business, which is a boo-boo.
What should Elections Canada do?
See the charges through.

David Del Mastro “advised me at that time that he wanted to make a large monetary donation to the re-election campaign of his cousin, Dean Del Mastro Member of Parliament,” the statement said.

“My employer assured me that if I would do so, my employer would cause his company, Deltro Electric Ltd. to reimburse me for the full sum of $1,000, plus a further bonus of $50, and that I would receive an income tax receipt for the donation.”

The alleged scheme was intended to circumvent the limit on political donations, the former employee said. The Conservative government lowered the limit to $1,100 through their 2006 centrepiece ethics legislation, the Federal Accountability Act.

If Canadians don’t start caring more, our freedom will become extinct faster than ancient reptiles.

Also, sometimes the Conservatives are arguing that too much time passes between the act of a crime and the court action for the court to bother considering the case. Other times they’re in favour of citizens running down criminals they haven’t even caught in the act of a crime.
“Nicholson, who said the current legislation was “too limited” in requiring a suspect to be caught in the act of a crime,” but Nicholson wasn’t talking about RoboCon. “Election complaints filed too late, Tories tell court”. Hmm.


2 responses to “Accountability in Conservative Government

  1. Someone has to pad those ‘unreported crimes’ numbers to justify the new jails.
    But who knew it was a mission statement.

  2. CBC and a few others are also noting that the Harper gang are working hard to exonerate the military in investigations into detainee abuse rather then make them accountable.

    And now the NDP are calling Harper soft on gun crime and responsible for the state in which gun crimes can run rampant, as in Toronto this year.

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