Solar Tour

3rd Solar Tour

On the weekend I had a fantastic tour of the Regina area, along with my parents, seeing the sights highlighted by conversions to solar energy. Solar PV, and active and passive solar heating were demonstrated in locations adjacent to the General Hospital, Shannon Road in south Regina (part of where I’m running to be a city Councillor), and as far away as Craven and Katepwa were explored too.
3rd Solar Tour 3rd Solar Tour 3rd Solar Tour 3rd Solar Tour
-Solar oven and solar cooker
A garter snake enjoying a pond aerated by a direct solar pump.
3rd Solar Tour

3rd Solar Tour
-A sponsor who has installed some of the systems seen on the tour.

Wind systems were on display sometimes too. This one was at Jim Harding’s place.
Wind power

3rd Solar Tour
3rd Solar Tour

I missed them all posing, but this is an interesting shot, with so many angles in it.
3rd Solar Tour
James is facing the camera, Greg is profile, and I’m not sure who is facing away.

3rd Solar Tour
-A ‘simple’ battery charge controller, used with one panel on Shannon Rd.

Take a look at inverter statistics from a Net Metered, ground mounted, 15 PV panel array installed in southern Saskatchewan for over a year. It’s using Enlighten micro-inverters.

Tonight, on the Rick Mercer Report, he installs solar panels with Mike Holmes.

Here’s a featured Enphase array.


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  1. [Admin note: Trolling, repetitive comment, off topic ranting; deleted again.
    Clearly RedJefff has been hijacked by Oscar the Grouch. This is a positive article, with good people doing good things for themselves and their neighbours. If RedJefff wants to rant and rave, this isn’t the article to do it in.]

  2. Hi Saskboy!

    I see you enjoyed the Solar Tour last year and was hoping to see your smiling face again this year! You can see we’ve created a Facebook fan page. I was curious to know if you would reference the link in your blog. Of course we’d love it if you’d like our page and share it with your friends.

    Keep on keeping on!

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